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Subject: Global Health

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Rural Road Connectivity and Its Effects on Access to Health Care: Evidence from India’s PMGSY ProjectOralGlobal HealthMcKenna Burelle
Food Insecurity: Determinants and the Role of Climate Change in Its ProgressionOralGlobal HealthSahil Chaudhry
Gender Differences in Parkinson’s Disease from a Global PerspectivePosterGlobal HealthLaura Evans
Hiv/Aids and the Virgin Cleansing Myth in South AfricaPosterGlobal HealthTatjana Groenewald
Analysis of Environment and Behavior on Heart Health in UkrainePosterGlobal HealthMadysen Gromer
Comparing the Seasonality of Dengue and Malaria in ThailandPosterGlobal HealthReiden Magdaleno
Access to Mental Health Care in the Montagnard Migrant Community: Examining Perspectives Across Generations in North CarolinaPosterGlobal HealthJohn McGinley
Vaccines: What Does the Research Really Say? An Analysis and Comparison Between the Past and Present Consequences of the Anti-Vaccine Movement and How This Might Determine the Trajectory, Spread, and Length of the COVID-19 Pandemic EraPosterGlobal HealthJenesis Mendez
Analysis of Trump Administration's Approach to US Opioid EpidemicPosterGlobal HealthErin Peck
Addressing LGBTQ+ Health Inequities in Chennai, South India through Mobile App DevelopmentOralGlobal HealthNima RahmanShelby Hobohm, Rosaleen Xiong, Shilpa Rajagopal
Development of a Supervised Injection Site in Dayton, Ohio Based on Previous Site in Vancouver, CanadaPosterGlobal HealthSusanna Sovde
Combating Food Insecurity in Women and Children in the Appalachian Region PosterGlobal HealthGracyn TravitzEmma Swarts
Impacts of Food Insecurity on School-Aged Chinese ChildrenPosterGlobal HealthGracyn Travitz
The Impacts of CBP Holding Cell Conditions on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Detained Pregnant WomenOralGlobal HealthVineeth Vaidyula
G.U.I.D.E.: A Physician-Patient Communication Model for Combating Vaccine Hesitancy in the 21st CenturyPosterGlobal HealthChanel Vuong
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Frontline Health Workers Worldwide PosterGlobal HealthKenneth VuongFabliha Hussain
Protein through insectsOralGlobal HealthAmy Whyte Krenchel