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Subject: Health & Human Development

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Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) for Early Prediction of Treatment Response in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer (LABC) PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentRachel Aideyan
Neuropsychological Assessment of Cancer Related Cognitive Dysfunction OralHealth & Human DevelopmentKesten AndersonKeagan Duster
Performance Training: Preventing Playing-Related Injuries in Amateur InstrumentalistsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentHeather Anderson
Computed Tomography-Assessed Skeletal Muscle Mass as a Predictor of Outcomes in Lung Cancer SurgeryOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAliya Ansari
the Effects of a Calming Corner on the Health-Related Quality of Life of a Special Education UnitPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentRebecca ArroyoEdnjon Parilla, Samantha Gutierrez, Timothy Cervantez
Do Treatment Methods of Acutely Ruptured Aneurysms Influence the Incidence of Cerebral Vasospasm?PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAlexandra Ayala
Impact of Covid-19 on the Healthcare IndustryOralHealth & Human DevelopmentJayden Ayash
Auto-Factory Practices Put Female Autoworkers at a Greater Risk of Developing Reproductive CancersPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentNolan Babinski
Improving Medication-Enhanced Psychotherapy Options for PTSD: The Potential of Oxytocin as a Treatment for Hypervigilance in Women with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Related PTSDOralHealth & Human DevelopmentElianna Bavuso
Developing a Novel Therapeutic Compound for Epilepsy and TinnitusPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAmanda Bluem
A Spatial Analysis of Socio-economic Characteristics and COVID-19 Cases in California’s Counties PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAlexandra Bohlin
Who Is Next? Evaluating Factors That May Contribute to Heart FailureOralHealth & Human DevelopmentDavon Broadwater
How Physical Activity Improves the Mental Health of AdolescentsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentPaige BrooksHal VanLandingham
Quantifying Autophagic Flux and Nitric Oxide Generation in Endothelial Cells from Patients with Cardiovascular DiseaseOralHealth & Human DevelopmentRevi Brown
Validation of Laboratory Developed Test for the Detection of PolyagglutinationPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentBraxton CampbellRyan Kohli, Victoria Jones
Task and Language Effects on Spanish-English Narrative PerformanceOralHealth & Human DevelopmentJessica Cano
Economic Pressure Across Generations: The Impact on HCCPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMegan Carty
Government Assistance Programs, Food Storage and Preparation Supplies, and HealthOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKayley Castillo
Effects of Living at High Altitudes on White Matter Hyperintensity BurdenOralHealth & Human DevelopmentMarissa Castillo
The Effects of Precarity on Haitian Migrant Seasonal Farm-Workers HealthOralHealth & Human DevelopmentChristiny Celestin
Perceptions and Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes Among College StudentsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentSafia Centner
Comparison of Operative Techniques for Closed Reduction of Supracondylar Humerus Fractures in ChildrenPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentChimelie Chibututu
Exploring the Use of Multimedia Resources in Online Medical Education: A Targeted Literature Review PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentVarshita Chirumamilla
The Influence of Maternal Age and Birth Order on Offspring Growth and DevelopmentPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentHaley Cook
Development of Support Materials for Voice Banking: A Systematic Replication for 2020PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAngela Crelly
Food Deserts: Hungry for AnswersOralHealth & Human DevelopmentLawren Cumberbatch
Mental Health Among College AthletesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentElizabeth Cuvelier
Association of Lung Capacities in Musicians and SingersPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentCydney Daquila
Characterizing Spatial Coefficient of Variation in Arterial Spin Labeling: Associations with Age, Cognition, and Vascular Health in Older AdultsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentShelby Darichuk
Assessment of a Novel Laboratory Activity to Enhance Student Learning on Disease TransmissionPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMarco DiSanto
Association Between Gender in Adolescents with ADHD and the Prevalence of Eating DisordersPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentLaurel DunathanGabby Bazil, Pheobe Gay, Nathaniel Rogers, Lindsay Valentine
Stress, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Behavior in Minority GirlsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentKimberly Estrada
Investigating and Comparing the Effects of COVID-19 on Sustainable Development Goal #3 in Australia and the United StatesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentKarissa Ewing
Practical Evaluation of Construction – Based Steel As Ionizing Radiation Shielding For Coupling To Palm Bay Medical CenterOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAvin Gamell
Quantifying Health Access in U.S.-born and Immigrant Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans Latinx PeopleOralHealth & Human DevelopmentCristobal Garcia-Quiroz
Differences in Psychosocial Factors and Pain Perception Between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White from the Border RegionPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMegan Giron
Age of Menopause and Blood Pressure ReactivityOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAline Glazos
Common Characteristics of Patients with Hematochezia OralHealth & Human DevelopmentJada Glenn
Low Physical Activity is Linked to Hemodynamic and Cardiac Autonomic Function in Doctor of Physical Therapy StudentsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentChristian HipolitoVy Nguyen
The Effect of Nightlights on Melatonin Secretion: A Mouse Model OralHealth & Human DevelopmentJanee HitajGraeme Harper
Nocturia Is an Unrecognized Symptom of Obstructive Sleep ApneaPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentSara KellyTaylor Kerstetter
The Effect of Masks on Heart Rate and Exercise PerformanceOralHealth & Human DevelopmentMckenzy KerseyAlexandria Moore, Kathryn Gillespie, Paige Collins, Altaevist Basley
Self-Perceptions of Weight and Diet in Relation to Anxiety and Depression in a Family Medicine Clinic PopulationOralHealth & Human DevelopmentMirranda Kinaia
Disparities in Healthcare and More Equitable ApproachesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentLynn Krieger
Association Between E-Cigarette Use and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Among Cancer SurvivorsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentWolfgarr Lobo
Investigating Cancer in Appalachia Through Content Analysis of Oral History InterviewsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentCourtney Martin
Nutritional Health of Internally Displaced Women and Children in Burkina FasoPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentKpatcha Massina
Sex Education and Adolescent Pregnancy in OklahomaPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMakenzie McCleary
Sex Education and Adolescent Pregnancy in OklahomaPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMakenzie McCleary
Complexity of Force Output Following Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the Primary Motor CortexPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentGrace McClurg
An Exploration of Risky College Students’ Behaviors in the Midst of the COVID-19 PandemicOralHealth & Human DevelopmentRheese McNabBriana Lipski, Jillian Tindall, Isabella Carabio, Isabella Carabio
Impact of systemic pathologies on increased risk of Endodontic DisordersOralHealth & Human DevelopmentJayla Mercer
The Benefits of Bedtime Routine Education for the Pediatric PopulationPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentBrittany Merits
Attention Plays a Vital Role in Executive FunctioningOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAshley Miller
Reducing the Mental Health Stigma in College Athletics: A Pilot StudyPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentZak Montoya
Characterization of “Mild” Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Patient Mutation p.M992del in Knock-In Mouse ModelPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAlexis Murawski
Listening & empathy in the case of microaggression or misunderstandingPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentRyan Nadler Allison Arritt , Leslie Portillo
A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Impact of Parental Attitudes Toward Imagination PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAnisya Navarro
Accidental Overdoses: Insights to Aid in PreventionOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAnnabel Nganga
Low physical activity is linked to hemodynamic and cardiac autonomic function in Doctor of Physical Therapy studentsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentVy NguyenChristian Hipolito
Examining the Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer-Related Needs in Community-Based Organizations PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentNowrin Nisa
Contextual Risk Factors for Hepatitis C Among Young Persons Who Inject DrugsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentJordan Nowlin
International Medical Waste Management: Implementing Medical Waste Classification in the United StatesOralHealth & Human DevelopmentTaelor Oey
The Clinical Significance of Elevated NT-proB-type Natriuretic Peptide in Children with Creatine Transporter DeficiencyPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentKatherine O'Meara
Maternal Education Vs Childhood Stunting in MalawiPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentOnyedikachukwu Onyemeziem
Ivabradine Improves Heart Rate and Quality of Life in Hyperadrenergic POTS: the First Randomized Clinical TrialPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentCameron Ormiston
Exposure to Community Violence in ED Patients with Non – Traumatic Chief Complaints PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentSusan Panek
The Effect of Social Media Influencers on the Diet Choices of People Aged 18-30PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentStephanie Petrillo
Learning from Adult LearnersOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKamil Powell
Examining the Influence of Sedentary Behavior on Pain and Quality of Life in Older Adults with and Without FibromyalgiaPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentWendy Preza
Linear Modeling to Assess the Influence of Diet on the Colon Metabolomic Profile in Association with Aberrant Crypt Foci in C57BL/6N MicePosterHealth & Human DevelopmentCynthia Ramazani
Rams Fitness Academy: Campers Perceptions of a Summer Fitness Camp ExperiencePosterHealth & Human DevelopmentTaylor Redfearn
Acute Effects of Boxing, Cycling, and Dancing on Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s DiseasePosterHealth & Human DevelopmentLiliana Rosales
The Experience of Physical Inactivity During Inpatient Bone Marrow TransplantationPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentSydney Schuerman
Sex differences in CLP induced sepsis ratsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentCatherine Seelig
A New Protocol for First Responders for Hypothermic Pulselessness in Pediatric PatientsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentIsabel Shimanski
Gluten Contamination: Prevalence and Risks Associated with Foods Labeled “Gluten-free”PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentSydney SkeieAlysa Durbin
Differences in Central Pain Mechanisms between Hispanics and non-Hispanic WhitesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentAaron SmileyMegan Giron
Interleukin-6 Mediated Regulation of ENaC via Time-Dependent MAPK Family ActivationOralHealth & Human DevelopmentHarini Srinivasan
Impact of Recreational Activities and Tutoring on Youth Quality of LifePosterHealth & Human DevelopmentJohnathan StacyIssac Borunda, Jessica Maddox, Marcelo Pena, Aaron Smiley
Comparative Assessment of Acute and Chronic Inflammation in Suspected COVID-19 Lung CasesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMikayla Stephens
Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) and Retirement Readiness: A Programming Possibility?OralHealth & Human DevelopmentHavan Temesghen
A window into religious and sexual identity: A qualitative exploration of LGBT emerging adults' identity integrationOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKacey TitzerKayli Worthey, Courtney Owens, Gracie Rhoades
Gut Microbiome Meta-Analysis in Parkinson’s DiseaseOralHealth & Human DevelopmentNatalie VanderNoot
Criteria for Identification of Sarcopenia and the Relationship with FatiguePosterHealth & Human DevelopmentNatalie VanderNoot
The Effect of Familism on Mexican American College Students' Career Aspiration and Career Locus of Control PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMelody Vazquez
Impact of Prenatal Nutrition and Supplementation on Birth Outcomes and Negative Affectivity in InfantsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentHailey Volk
A Needs Assessment of LGBTQ College Student’s Wellness: A Stress PerspectivePosterHealth & Human DevelopmentMcKinley Walsh
Anatomical Dimensions of Human Vertebral Bodies Over TimeOralHealth & Human DevelopmentZakary Wankier
Anti-Vaxxers: Parents Fighting ScienceOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKatie West
Impact of 12-weeks of Lentil Consumption on Visceral Adipose Tissue in Overweight and Obese Adults. PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentSofia WhitefieldsKaitlyn Weinheimer