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Subject: History

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Building Pilsen: Redlining to Gentrification OralHistoryAfaaf Amatullah
White supremacy and Ecology Movements: Savitri Devi, and an Ecofascist Nazi LeaderOralHistoryTyson Anderson
Federal Restrictions in Pharmacotherapeutics: Motivations for Medicinal Alcohol Prescriptions During ProhibitionPosterHistoryQuinn Andrews
The Great Impact of Inca TextilesOralHistorySofia Arenas
The Good and Bad: Enslaved Narratives in the SouthOralHistoryRachel Ashworth
Wigs, Lipstick, and Outcry: Drag Queen Activism from 1970 to 1983 in the United StatesPosterHistoryOlivia Austin
Confederate Monuments in Context: Arlington National Cemetery and the Legacy of the ConfederacyPosterHistoryShannon Baker
The Marrow of Memories: Mapping the Historic Springhill CemeteryOralHistoryQuincy Balius
“This Insolent and Inhuman Race”: White U.S. Soldiers’ Thoughts About White Southerners During the Civil War EraOralHistoryLauren Bergeron
Community Vs Individual Responsibility Towards Ignorance: The Preservation of the Religious CommunityOralHistoryMiriam Bernstein
Guide and Gatekeeper to the Wilderness: The Post- War Sierra Club’s Reversal on Outdoor Accessibility OralHistoryEthan Bilson
Racial Barriers: How Two Chinese Men Managed to Be Accepted Despite Racial Discrimination Against Chinese in Merced County During 1870 to 1942PosterHistoryCynthia Bravo-Zamora
Sarah and Angelina Grimke and Alice Paul’s Influence on Social Change: the Relationship Between Quakers and RadicalismOralHistoryMaya Capasso
Empire and Exploration in the Antarctic: A Shift from the Horizontal to the VerticalOralHistoryTravis Carioscia
Empire and Exploration in the Antarctic: A Shift from the Horizontal to the VerticalOralHistoryTravis Carioscia
The Coal Court: Jurisprudence and the Transformation Eastern KentuckyOralHistoryCallum Case
Master-Minds and Artists: a Showcase of Imported TalentOralHistoryAlan Chavez
Wealth, Politics, and Force: A Historical Construction of the Market for Force in the West Through a Political Economy LensOralHistorySaeJin Cho
Lost History: Uncovering Lexington’s Early Jewish CommunityOralHistoryAustin Coke
The Failing of Bios: Luke’s Gospel as a Continuation of the Scriptures of IsraelOralHistoryCaleb Cooke
Japanese Latin Americans Interned in the United States During World War II OralHistoryAlly Coughlan
Stories and Solidarity: A Public History ExhibitOralHistoryMorgan Craig
A Tale of Two Hospitals: Treatment Methods of Homosexuality in Minnesota, 1920-1945OralHistoryPaige Daniels
Pre-Columbian CultureOralHistoryShayla Danielson
Genocide and Genocide Prevention: An Analysis of Dr. Gregory Stanton's Preventative ModelPosterHistoryTravis DuCheneGrace Luloff
Tracing the Lines of Racism: The Development of Racial Segregation in HarrisburgPosterHistoryMolly Elspas
The United Daughters of the Confederacy and Their False HistoryOralHistoryMattison Fagan
So Fine a Set of Men: The Influence of Race Relations Between Civil War Soldiers and the Shift in Perspective PosterHistoryMatthew Feiler
Challenging the "Butcher" Reputation: General Grant's Role in the Overland CampaignOralHistorySean Fitzgerald
From Little Women to Revolutionary WomenOralHistoryAlejandra Flores
Birth of a Nation as an Educational Tool for Racialized ViolenceOralHistoryAbbigail Frerick
Ablaze in Canton: Opium Traders and the First Opium WarOralHistoryAbigail Fryman
Chicanas in the Chicano Civil Rights MovementOralHistoryAmy Glover
Sugar Plantations and the Roots of the Haitian RevolutionPosterHistoryKentz Gustave
Abstract OralHistoryJoi Haywood
The Changing Status of Prostitution Within the Thought of the Medieval ChurchPosterHistoryKayleigh Heister
"Save Our Red River": a Historical Analysis of the Methods Used by Environmentalists to Preserve the Red River Gorge in Kentucky PosterHistoryClaire Hilbrecht
Cold War America in the Fifth Dimension: How The Twilight Zone Exposed the Country's Hidden FearsOralHistoryMadelynn Hobson
Love and Politics: Ippolita Maria Sforza and Early Modern Maternal RelationshipsOralHistoryJessica Hogbin
From Community Control to School Choice: Two Decades of School Reform in New York CityPosterHistoryClaire HollemanMalaya Jules, Annie Langan
Challenging Society: Examining Nineteenth-Century British Institutions and Policies Related to Female EducationOralHistoryBethany Holley-Griffith
Maggie's Story: Using Animal Narration EffectivelyOralHistoryAllen Horn IV
A History of Folk Healing in AppalachiaOralHistoryGeorgia Horne
Spanish Lessons: The Translation of Sally McKeanPosterHistoryLauren Huber
The Nurturing Remedies of Homeopathy and the Empowering Interventions of Female DoctorsOralHistoryAngel Ibrahim
The Second Mexican Empire: The Short-Lived Reign of Maximilian and CarlotaOralHistoryEmma Jackson
Viking Age Trade: the Russian River Ties that Bound Europe to the Wider World. OralHistoryChristopher Johnson
St. Arnold's Brewery: A History of a Rising Star in Craft Brewing in the Lone Star StateOralHistoryAngelique Johnston
Welcoming the Dear Neighbor?: an Historical Perspective on Housing Segregation in St. PaulOralHistoryAlex KellerVee Signorelli
Making and Unmaking Memory: University Student Protest in Pinochet’s ChileOralHistoryIndia Kirssin
Union Loyalists in Talbot County, MarylandOralHistoryThomas Long
Gertrude Bell: Enough on Her OwnPosterHistoryKaitlyn Mannis
Britain’s Blunder: The Creation of Iraq OralHistoryKaitlyn Mannis
The Afterglow of the Roman Republic: Becoming an Empire Before It Had an EmperorOralHistoryBincheng Mao
the Art and Design of the Medieval PeriodOralHistoryCorey Mason
The Women of Country: the Evolution of Feminism in Country Music OralHistoryJoshua McCray
Progress and Repression; an Analysis of the United States and Germany’s Treatment of BGLTQ+ Soldiers During the Second World WarOralHistoryAlexis McKernan
Media Coverage on Satanism in Connecticut OralHistoryAmanda Mitchell
Individual Resilience Within the Civil Rights Movement: Life in the Southern United States in the 1950s and 60sOralHistoryLily Moll
Simulacrum of the Taco: Cultural Appropriation and the Columbusing of FoodPosterHistoryAlicia Moreno
California Girls: Prostitution and Proper Sexuality in San Francisco, 1850-1900 OralHistoryMelissa Morrissey
History as a Palimpsest: Discovering Messiah University's History before 1912PosterHistoryCaleb Muñoz
The 1991 Crown Heights Riots: Class, Race, and AntisemitismOralHistoryLillian Murray
Antiquity and Applicability : Relating Euripides’ Medea to ModernityOralHistoryTaylor Nesselroad
Chinese Immigrants as Depicted in Nineteenth Century California's Central Valley NewspapersPosterHistoryKevin Ng
Interplay of Politics and Medical EthicsOralHistoryStefan Nikolic
Illinois’ Forgotten Contribution to World War IIOralHistoryKaitlyn Normoyle
Montana Culinary History During the Great Depression OralHistoryEmily O'Brien
The Old Post CemeteryOralHistoryMicah Ortiz
Maybe It's a Sign: Observation and Doubt in a Mesopotamian Omen SeriesOralHistoryMadeline Ouimet
Classic Psychedelics: Legality and Public Perception in the United States Through HistoryOralHistoryRay Pagenkopf
Brown Skin Girls: Colorism Among African American Women in the Twenty First CenturyOralHistoryTuesdae Pelt-Willis
The Everyday Negotiation of Citizenship in the French EmpireOralHistoryKatherine Price
Challenging Ignorance: AIDS and female agency, 1980 – 1989OralHistoryJacob Reavis
Enduring Caricatures: Spectacles of Blackface and Minstrelsy in Early Nineteenth Century PennsylvaniaOralHistoryJoshua Reid
Volkstrauertag in Michigan as a Microcosm for the Relationship Between West Germany and the U.S. During the Cold War EraOralHistoryShelby Reidle
Ports, Persecution, and Prosperity: the Jewish Merchants of the European-Caribbean Slave and Agricultural Trade, 1625-1700OralHistoryGraeme Rieser
Evolution of Women’s Reproductive Health Care and Control in the Nineteenth CenturyOralHistoryKennedy Ryder
the Early Federal Republic’s Forgotten Crisis: How Konrad Adenauer Stabilized West Germany Through Solving the Refugee QuestionOralHistoryKennedy Ryder
A Divided Nation: Cherokees and the Civil War in Indian TerritoryOralHistoryRobert Rymer
America's Wellness ConsumerismPosterHistoryKarina Sarandrea
Oppression Of and By the Church: Saving the Catholic Church from Heresies at the Cost of Minority Groups’ BloodOralHistoryLailuma Sayed
Motives and Manifestation of Jean Gerson's Biases Towards WomenOralHistoryMarissa Scharlau
the Memory Key: a Collective Historical Identity Visual Analysis of the 1973 Wounded Knee Occupation and the 2015 Dakota Access Pipeline ProtestOralHistoryJane Seibert
Pushing the Envelope: How Personal Correspondence Can Shape Our Understanding of National EventsOralHistoryLiam Sheahan
The Sun Never Sets on Lives and Lifeboats: An Analysis of the RMS Titanic DisasterOralHistoryAlec Slawich
Transatlantic Asylums: The Influence of A Visit to Thirteen Asylums for the Insane in Europe on Pliny Earle and the American AsylumPosterHistoryMiranda Smith
The Rome Courier’s Crusade Against Cotton: The Use of Media in the Confederate Cotton CrisisOralHistoryCamilla Stegall
Women's College Athletics: Title IX and Its Effects on Women's College AthleticsOralHistoryJordyn Strange
Baby Boomers and Their Worthy Opponents: a History of the Collective Experience of Divided GenerationsOralHistoryTrenton Thomas
Belief, Virtue, and Illness in Late-Nineteenth Century Domestic ManualsPosterHistoryAnneka Walton
Themes of Belief in the Cause of Illness in the late 19th CenturyPosterHistoryAnneka Walton
Yellow Fever Pandemic of 19th Century New Orleans OralHistoryCaitlin Weid
Finland and the Jewish Question: the Complex Role of Finns and the HolocaustOralHistoryStephanie Wright
The Importance of an Interpreter: Malinche in the Conquest of the Mexico: PosterHistoryRyan Wright
Eugenics in The United States During the 20th CenturyOralHistoryCindy Yankovich
“The Grass must bend, When the Winds Blow across it”: British Colonial Hong Kong’s Education Policies and Its People’s Response, 1967-1978OralHistoryZhelun Zhou