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Subject: Interdisciplinary Studies

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Montgomery 1960: Using Immersive Technology to Teach Perspective Taking and EmpathyPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesJordan AdamsRidhwan Shakil
Not Your Typical Neuroatypical Experience: Changing Portrayals of Neuroatypical Individuals in Popular MediaOralInterdisciplinary StudiesSafa Ahmed
The Issue of Invisibility: Gaps in Data for Native Americans and the COVID-19 Crisis OralInterdisciplinary StudiesAfaaf Amatullah
Ethics of Animal Assisted Therapy OralInterdisciplinary StudiesAmy Barba
Playing God: Legacies of Narrative Control in Danticat and WalkerOralInterdisciplinary StudiesSarah Becker
Forensics Analytics: An Interdisciplinary Education-Career Pathway for Promoting STEM Participation by Underserved Students PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAlexia Benson
Montana Oral History ProjectPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesNicolena Boucher
Investigating Well-Being in the Lincoln NeighborhoodPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAlexa Brock
The Impact of Captivity on the Social and Emotional Well-being of Orcas (Orcinus orca)PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesGhaaliyah Brown
Impact of a multidisciplinary educational training program (OverdosED) on knowledge and perceptions of depressant substance use on a college campusPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesChristina Carilli
Development of PARROT, a Wireless Orofacial Myofunctional Imaging and Pressure Mapping DevicePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesHanna Chastain
The Rise of Neoliberalism in Chile and the Effects on the Indigenous Mapuche CommunityPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesTatiana Cherry Santos
Data-driven Analysis for Optogenetic Nonstationary Local Filed PotentialsPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesXandre Clementsmith
Defining Disparities in Music and Medicine: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Recognizing Patterns and Proposing SolutionsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesGillian Coffey
Virtual Authentic Learning Experiences in Molecular Biology Using Data Sonification OralInterdisciplinary StudiesSydney Daniels
Practical Applications of Strange Attractors in Generative DesignPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesElliot Dickman
The Effects of Japanese Pop Idol Culture: An Analysis of Perfect BluePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesEstefana Elliott
The Overlooked Benefits of Art Amidst Cascading Crises: Adaptations by Arts Based Organizations in 2020OralInterdisciplinary StudiesCaitlin Epstein
Adaptation: A Modern Window to the Classic SoulOralInterdisciplinary StudiesFinn Farrell
Transitional Justice Frameworks: an Examination of Bred Corruption Detrimental to Local ParticipationOralInterdisciplinary StudiesJannatul Ferdous
Investigating the Educational Impact of Community-Based Robotics Programs on Low-Income Youth PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesEric FlaningamHanna Keyerleber, Chris Embry
New Technologies, Old Injustices: Neuroscience, Criminal Law, and RaceOralInterdisciplinary StudiesGillian Gagliano
The Evolution of Ukiyo-e: Understanding the Sociohistorical Advancement of Japanese Women Since the Edo PeriodPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesCady Gibbs
Effectiveness of Balanced-Scorecard Performance Management on Organizational Team Innovation and Sustainability: Interdisciplinary Team Development Intervention (TDI) Phase IIOralInterdisciplinary StudiesDylan GilbertSpencer Clifton, Leana St. Clair, Amy Morris, Jackson Sorensen
Factors Affecting Pubertal Timing and Perceptions of Birth ControlPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAshley Gomm
Religious Influences on Climate Change Rhetoric: a Content Analysis of U.S. News MediaPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesMariana Gracia Leon
[Insert Your Name Here]: Stigma Management in Self-Insert Mass Murderer FanfictionPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesJasmine Harrell
Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Traffic Flows, with Consideration of Data Privacy PrinciplesPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesSheila Hayati
When Granting Autonomy Works: Spanish Response to Catalan IndependenceOralInterdisciplinary StudiesReed Hersma
Mark V , Greenville's "Sound of the South" StudioPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesJack Hines
Changing Needs of Inclusion and Diversity Training in Non-Profit Organizations: Assessing Modes of Delivery and Content in Response to Current Events and Trends PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAbigail Hoekman
Russia’s Anti-Women: an Investigation of Peasant Women’s Lack of Agency in Late Imperial Russia Through Mental Illness, Witchcraft, and CrimeOralInterdisciplinary StudiesIsobel Hooker
Panel Data Analysis of Factors Influencing Tourism Arrivals and Receipts in the Middle East and North Africa Countries OralInterdisciplinary StudiesJianhan Hu
"A Praying Man, a Praying Spirit": Images of Prayer and Black MasculinityOralInterdisciplinary StudiesTirrezz Hudson
From Plagues and Flus to Covid-19; an Expose on Human Response to the Spread of DiseasePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesMelanie Johnson
Microblogs: Possible Tools in Accessing Health Care InformationPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAnup Kathet
Analyzing History Through Twitter DataOralInterdisciplinary StudiesAutumn Kritzer
Disparities in the German Education System: Causes and Impacts on Turkish Student AchievementPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesMackenzie Lamb
Economic Integration of Migrants Through French PolicyOralInterdisciplinary StudiesRyan Lane
Deconstructing the Myth of La Dolce Vita: an Analysis of Italian Women’s Disparity in Southern ItalyPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesEmilie LaVoie-Ingram
The Queering of Virtual Space Through Performance ArtOralInterdisciplinary StudiesJackie/jack Leander
Prevalence of Suicide Stereotypes in Pedagogical Death Investigation Literature and Their Effect on Manner of Death Assignment in Female Drug Intoxication CasesOralInterdisciplinary StudiesLaura Madler
Climate Through the Prism of Covid: Lessons on Structural Vulnerability and Resilience in the Food, Health, and Social Service SectorsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesAidan MaloneJess McClelland -
the Ideological Analysis of Trump's Muslim Ban within Historical ContextOralInterdisciplinary StudiesMeena Manely
Studying the Potential Politicization of Public Health Crises in American News MediaPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesJefferson MathewsMaya Mosley
The Musical Application of Historical LiteratureOralInterdisciplinary StudiesYazmeen Mayes
Rx Humor: For a Life of Well-Being and HealingOralInterdisciplinary StudiesKelly Mayol
Leaks in the Classical Music Pipeline: Where Are the Women Soloists?PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesDavid McGowanElla Koenig, Carly Dammann
Death, Dying and Disney: Depictions of Death in Disney Movies OralInterdisciplinary StudiesRaquel Merino
The Environmental & Health Effects of the US’ Nuclear-Arsenal-NetworkOralInterdisciplinary StudiesMira Monroe
The Missing Peace: Human Rights and Rehumanization at the Core of Counterextremism InitiativesPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesPortia Muehlbauer
Indigenization of Mental Health and Psychosocial Services for Rohingya Refugees in BangladeshOralInterdisciplinary StudiesMaisa Munawara
Rethinking Environmental Conversation Education: an Interdisciplinary Approach OralInterdisciplinary StudiesErica Nettles
Intergenerational Trauma and Cultural Dissonance in the Face of Ongoing Social Issues: A Case Study with Vietnamese YouthPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesMia Nguyen
#KanyeIsCanceled: How Race Is Redefined in the Simulation of Social MediaPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAmara Okoye
Policy and Propaganda: the Disenfranchisement of Women in the Russian WorkforcePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesEleni Pappas
Assessing the Effectiveness of Volont'R in Facilitating Refugee IntegrationOralInterdisciplinary StudiesSavannah Price
Humanitarian Assistance in Protracted Emergencies: Reconceptualizing the Role of Food Aid in Adjumani, UgandaOralInterdisciplinary StudiesVictoria Puglia
Evaluating Food Insecurity in Students Before and After COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic at Loyola University ChicagoOralInterdisciplinary StudiesFrances Rafferty
Toxic Masculinity’s Origins and Modern CinemaOralInterdisciplinary StudiesEmma Reed
The Role of Family Obligation and Work Experiences for College Students' Career AspirationPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesRuby Reyes
A Concept for Procedurally Generated Narrative based on User Engagement and its Practical ApplicationsPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAnjelikal Rogers
A Villain’s View: An Exploration of the Joker in Batman: The Killing JokePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesGiuseppe Rossi
The Radicalization of Feminism: The History of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF’s)OralInterdisciplinary StudiesKatelyn Sargeant
Locked Jaws: A Historical and Contemporary Look at Police Dogs and Violence Against the African-American Community in the United StatesOralInterdisciplinary StudiesKendall Shanks
A Decolonial Analysis in the Socio-Legal Dimensions of Food Sovereignty: The Case of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe v. MonsantoOralInterdisciplinary StudiesDerek Sherrange
The Romanian Immigration Experience to GermanyOralInterdisciplinary StudiesBranum Sherrill
Exploring Jacobsonian Theories of Neighborhood Safety in European Cities: A Study of Safe Neighborhoods in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Milan and RomePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesKatrina Shuping
The Demasculinization of Central European Security: How Women’s Empowerment Enhances Civil Society’s Capacity to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism OralInterdisciplinary StudiesSkylar Silvera
What Makes a Protest a Riot? Analyzing South China Morning Post and China Daily Framings of the 2014 and 2016 Hong Kong Protest MovementsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesHarriet Sinclair
No Longer Falling on Deaf Ears: Standing Rock and the Struggle for Indigenous RightsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesBriana Springer
Physical Activity as a Stress Reducer During the Pandemic: Evidence from a National SamplePosterInterdisciplinary StudiesLindsey Troop
Analyzing and Visualizing Porewater Nutrient Concentration DataPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAlizabeth Turner-Ward
Antiracist Bridge-Building: Sources and Solutions to U.S. Discomfort with Multilingualism PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesTiana Vargas
The Association Between Nursing Facility Quality and County Racial and Ethnic Composition: A Study of Virginia Facilities PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesChloe WalkerSarah Farney, Emily Finto, Emma Perdue, Cody Taylor
Application Design for Post-Secondary Education Planning PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesJoseph Wassweiler
Macro Solutions to Micro Problems: The War on AntibioticsOralInterdisciplinary StudiesAshley Wilkins