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Subject: Linguistics & World Languages

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Early Bilingual Acquisition of Spanish and English R SoundsOralLinguistics & World LanguagesSehar AlamSehar Alam, Stephanie Flores
The Environmental, Genetic, and Demographic Factors of Linguistic DiversityPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesRyan AponteRobin Fintz
Noun Acquisition in 24-month old English and Mandarin Chinese Speaking InfantsOralLinguistics & World LanguagesJustin AuQifan Wang, Nathaniel Goldblum
Tense and Lax Stop Distinctions in Kyungsang KoreanOralLinguistics & World LanguagesJustin Au
Courage and Fear in Don QuixotePosterLinguistics & World LanguagesJamie Breyfogle
Licensing of Negative Polarity Items in TigrinyaPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAngela CaoMaddy Liotta
Dual Immersion Programs: Are They Enough?OralLinguistics & World LanguagesSamantha Castillo
Vocabulary Use in Writing Samples of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum DisorderPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAmanda DavisYana Clarke
The Human Cost of Geopolitics: An Examination of Guatemalan Testimonial LiteraturePosterLinguistics & World LanguagesRyan Denholm
Comparing Nature Symbolism to Depict School Children in Manuel Rivas’ 1999 "La Lengua De Las Mariposas" (The Tongue of the Butterfly) and Ana María Matute's 1956 "Los Niños Tontos" (The Foolish Children)OralLinguistics & World LanguagesFrancesca Duncan
Bridging the Gap Between Second Language Acquisition Research and Its Application in the Classroom.OralLinguistics & World LanguagesMarwa Elraey
Yes or No, Does Pitch Matter? Modeling the Conditions for Meaning in Polar QuestionsPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesCristina Hain
Early Bilingual Acquisition of Spanish and English /l/OralLinguistics & World LanguagesAshley HarrisAdrian Cortez, Vivienne Nguyen
Music as Motivation for Language-Learning: a Survey of Undergraduate Language LearnersPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesHenry Hinchey
"Metamorphosis in "La Muñeca Menor" by Ferré, and "Dos Palabras" by Allende: Negligencia, Mistrust, and Abuse of a Patriarchal Society"OralLinguistics & World LanguagesRosa Huanchi
A Study of Vowel Lengthening in Modern FarsiPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesJacqueline Hubbard
The Central Asian Titular Language Experiment: Successes and FailuresOralLinguistics & World LanguagesMason Hussong
Abre los ojos: a Socio-Political Analysis of Spanish Horror FilmsPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesSophia Kachur
Luisa Valenzuela's “Si esto es la vida, yo soy caperucita roja” and “Aquí pasan cosas raras”: Abuse of Power and the Role of Women in SocietyOralLinguistics & World LanguagesMaria Lincuiz Kukla
Loss for Words: An Investigation of the English Nature VocabularyOralLinguistics & World LanguagesMargaret Luthin
Participant Bar Theory: A New Syntax TheoryOralLinguistics & World LanguagesDaniel Packer
An Analysis of the Vitality of the Welsh LanguageOralLinguistics & World LanguagesDaniel Packer
"El che" OralLinguistics & World LanguagesDolores Quezada
Macho Mentality and the Subaltern Subject in Eva Luna OralLinguistics & World LanguagesDaniela Riascos
The Effects of Covid-19 on Language Use in U.S. News: a Corpus-Based AnalysisPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesSophia RiceMoyang Xu
Mapping German-Polish Borderlands in Contemporary LiteraturePosterLinguistics & World LanguagesKlaudia Rixmann
Hablar en dos mundos: Exploring the Roles of Spanish-English Bilingualism in the Lives of Spanish-English Bilingual Adults in Central PennsylvaniaOralLinguistics & World LanguagesAmalia Robinson
Informational and Interactional Alignment/disalignment: a Comparative Study of the Japanese Sentence-final Particle yone with English Tag-Questions PosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAlexander Rogers
The Story of a Beautiful and Rich Culture and Territory Victim of Imperialism Illustrated by Latin American Artists OralLinguistics & World LanguagesValerie Sanabria
Global Learning in Local Classrooms Through Organic Tandem Learning PartnershipsPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAlyssa SchroeckenthalerYutong Yin , Xiaoxue Liu
Effect of Hesitation Sound Phonetic Quality on Perception of Language Fluency and AccentednessPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesTillena Trebon
Motivations of Student Medical Interpreters: Professional, Personal, or Altruistic?OralLinguistics & World LanguagesJulie Wechsler
"Naming the Divine in the Old English Andreas: Transfer and Adaptation of Epithets for Odin during Anglo-Saxon Christian Conversion"OralLinguistics & World LanguagesNicholas Williams
Translation in Higher Education: Creating a Bilingual Glossary to Translate College Admissions Materials OralLinguistics & World LanguagesCasey Wilson
Korean Heritage Language Speakers’ Attitudes Toward Koreans and Korean Americans and Heritage Language Use AnxietyPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesHye Min YoonAlly Su, Ja'Kyla Kellem