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Subject: Mathematics

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We’re Here to Get You There: A Statistical Analysis of Bridgewater State University’s Transit SystemPosterMathematicsAbigail Adams
A Retrospective Chart Review of Patients Receiving Palliative Radiation Therapy at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in 2018 and 2019PosterMathematicsShania Bailey
Tipsy Cop and Tipsy RobberPosterMathematicsViktoriya BardenovaVincent Ciarcia
Analyzing Probabilistic Algorithms for Integer Factorization and Discrete Logarithm ComputationsPosterMathematicsAustin Beard
GeogebraOralMathematicsMaibel Botros
Testing the Effect of Acetaminophen Overdose on the Liver and the Role of Biomarkers to Predict Death or SurvivalOralMathematicsChristine Brasic
Fibonacci GapsPosterMathematicsMadeline Ceccia
PDE based Deep Learning for Geometric Image DataOralMathematicsRyan Cecil
PDE based Deep Learning for Geometric Image DataPosterMathematicsRyan Cecil
a Statistical Learning Regression Model Utilized to Determine Predictive Factors of Social Distancing During COVID-19 PandemicPosterMathematicsMatthew Chin
Constituent Behavior Associated with College GivingPosterMathematicsAmelia CichoskiHeriberto Lopez, Collin Nill
Effects of Temperature on Population Mobility and Spread of Covid-19OralMathematicsWilliam Clark
Why the Long Face?PosterMathematicsMarieth Coetzer
Determining the Fairness of School Zones in Oklahoma City: A Report from 2020-2021PosterMathematicsChase Compton
Methods to Determine the Phenotypic Ratio of a Hybrid CrossPosterMathematicsCarter Cunningham
Axiomatic Infinitesimal CalculusOralMathematicsSnehesh Das
Assisting Forensic Image Comparison Experts: a Study to Help Verification of Object Matching by Computer AlgorithmOralMathematicsLiliana Delgado
An Investigation of STEM Career Diversity in High School Mathematics Textbooks PosterMathematicsAlexis Di Pasqua Emily Rumaldo, Evelyn Pohle
Analysis of Complete Graph and Other Solutions to the Dollar GameOralMathematicsHosea Dodds
the CMRL: a User-friendly R Package to Estimate Conditional Mean Residual Life FunctionsPosterMathematicsKaiyuan Duan
Is Hockey Still Canada's Game PosterMathematicsJon-Paul Faix
A Comparison of Central-Upwind Schemes for Solving the Burgers’ EquationPosterMathematicsTristin Fernandes
Analysis of Emergency Responder Patrolling Techniques Through Agent-Based ModelingOralMathematicsLeanne Gough
Finding Structure in Texts with Topological Data AnalysisOralMathematicsElla GrahamCalli Clay
Isomorphic Polynomials: When Is a Polynomial Isomorphic to an Even Polynomial?OralMathematicsHanna Griesbach
Heat Dissipation Performance of Microchannel Heat Sink with Various Protrusion DesignsOralMathematicsKhalil Guy
An Introduction to Nonlocal Calculus and Helmholtz DecompositionsOralMathematicsAndrew Haar
An Introduction to Parking FunctionsOralMathematicsKimberly Hadaway
(t,r) Broadcast Domination on Directed GraphsOralMathematicsPeter Hollander
Species-Specific Capture-Mark-Recapture Analysis of Individuals in a Small Mammal CommunityPosterMathematicsBenjamin Jones
A Game-theoretic Approach to Wildlife ManagementOralMathematicsHumza Khan
K_6 Minors in 2-Apex Graphs with the Icosahedral GraphPosterMathematicsGregory Li
Financial Times Series Generation and Analysis with Generative Adversarial Network AlgorithmsPosterMathematicsEden LuvishisJoshua Ronai, Bharddwaj Vemulapalli, Patrick Walther
Markov Chain Model of Calcium Release SitePosterMathematicsViridiana Macias Contreras
Generating conic-like sectionsOralMathematicsIoannis Mastoras
Regression Analysis: NBA Statistics and Their Impact on Player Salary. A Development of Guidelines Applicable to Any Regression Analysis. OralMathematicsSarah Milligan
Branching Graphs for Khovanov-Lauda, Rouquier AlgebrasPosterMathematicsSkyler Moomey
Mathematical Modeling of a Disease Detection AssayPosterMathematicsShannon Murphy
Tensors and Stochastic Automata Networks with Application to Biochemical Reaction SystemsOralMathematicsMarie Neubrander
Hasse-Minkowski Theorem and the Local–Global PrincipleOralMathematicsPhuc Ngo
Assessing risk factors for the incubation period of Covid-19OralMathematicsMai Nguyen
Mathematical Analysis of Virus-Immune Dynamics and Implications for TreatmentPosterMathematicsBridget Opperman
Topological Properties of Random Point CloudsPosterMathematicsPrabesh PaudelKen Wang, Julie Yuldasheva
A Comparative Analysis of a few Supervised Learning modeling approaches for the COVID-19 pandemicPosterMathematicsCaleb PeñaGwendolyn Lind, Seth Arreola
Latent Factor Discovery in Markov Processes through Optimal TransportOralMathematicsNhi Pham
Tailoring Multicomponent Experiments with Fractional Factorial Designs and Randomized Controlled TrialsOralMathematicsRita PintorMichael Strand -
A Numerical Method to Solve an Inverse Source Problem for Hyperbolic EquationsOralMathematicsWilliam Powell
March Madness: Math, Methods, MoneyOralMathematicsAnthony Quagliata
Agent-Based Social Network Models of the Prescription Opioid EpidemicPosterMathematicsOwen Queen
a Study of Coincidence Reflections in Two Dimensions and Three DimensionsOralMathematicsCalvin Raymond
The VICCard Cipher: a New Contribution to the Field of Playing Card CryptographyOralMathematicsIsaac Reiter
Covering All Our Bases: Minimum Dominating Sets of GridsOralMathematicsIsaac Reiter
On β-entropy Metric Distortion in the Lattice of PartitionsPosterMathematicsEstefano Reyes
Development of a Compartmental Differential Equation Model for the Analysis of Respiratory Viral InfectionsPosterMathematicsEmmaline RialLauren Gaona
Classifying Sub-ethnicities Based on Zip Codes and Probability in Florida to Examine Hispanic Voting Turnouts PosterMathematicsNaomi Rodriguez
The Hyperbolic Metric on the Upper Half-PlanePosterMathematicsMoses Samuelson-Lynn
Accounting for Seasonality in Intraday Volume for Forex Volatility MeasuresPosterMathematicsDevin Scott
Effect of Quarantine on the Reproductive Number of COVID-19PosterMathematicsCaitlin Seibel
Counting the Spanning TreesOralMathematicsMaryam SiddiqueDerya Asaner
Tilings of Modified Rectangles by Ribbon Tile PentominoesPosterMathematicsElizabeth Thompson
Linear and Nonlinear Mechanisms Underlying Flexible Frequency Integration in Midbrain Neurons of Barn OwlsOralMathematicsOliver Tufte
Field Extensions in MathematicaOralMathematicsGiacomo Viazzo
Accelerating Graph-based Geometric Data AnalysisOralMathematicsXingzi Xu
Phase Transition of a Statistical Mechanics Competition Model in EcologyPosterMathematicsZizheng Yang
A Spatial and Longitudinal Analysis of Firearms Casework in TexasPosterMathematicsShannon YeakleyRebecca Hicks, Leif Nevener