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Subject: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

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Compact Crane for Fishing Cages and NetsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringHuseen Abdulredha
Designing a Robotic Arm for a DBD Plasma Wound Healing Probe ManeuveringPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAhmad AneesAnura Ghodke, Gautum Nair, Mukund Nair, Yogesh Baloda, Sohail Zaidi
Impact of a DBD Plasma Jet Flow Rates on Pathogen MitigationPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringMichael BangaBhavya Bellannagari, Khadijah Atthar, Neha Suri, Vedmanvitha Ketireddy, Alaap Rag
Utilization of Deformation Microscopy to Index Neural Cell Chromatin Organization Following Mechanical ImpulsesOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringQuinn Beato
Patient-Specific Four Chamber Cardiac ModelingPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringRemy Braun
Novel Microscale Mass Sensor Using Integrated Nonlinear Circuitry Network and Cantilever-Based Linear Resonator OralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAdam Bryant
Photogrammetry Volumetric 3D Printing OralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringEric CastellanosRonald Flores , Ahmad AlRasheed, Emily Navarro, Brandon Rosales, Jesus Gama
Sound Manipulation Techniques and ApplicationsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringShruti Das
Phonon Scattering from SWCNT-Graphene Junctions under StrainOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringIan Durr
Induction Heated Coffee RoasterPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringMarshall Engelhard
High Speed Impact on Graphene CompositesPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringGiovanny Espitia
Micro Electroadhesive Treaded Microrobot (╬╝ETR)PosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringSydney Evans
Low Speed Wind Turbine Blade OptimizationOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringRyan Foster
An Improved Magnetically Bistable Piezoelectric Energy HarvesterPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringCarolyn Fulton
Titan Fire Intervention & Relief EffortsPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringRafael GalvanFareed Alhasan , Martin Ramirez , Ulises Baza , Keiri Priego
Titan Energy Generation SystemPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringDominic GarciaAlbert Chavez, Benedict Tuazon, Caleb Douglas, Hassan Fawaz, Tyler Viers
Development of Coarse-Grained Bulk Water Model Using New Hybrid Coarse-Graining ApproachPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAustin Haley
Design, Development, and Characterization of 3D-Printed Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone PolymerPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringTyler HawleyAditya Pulipaka
DBD Plasma Jet Characterization Using Plasma Luminosity and Emission Spectroscopy PosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringKathy HoangBhavya Bellannagari, Raghav Murthy, Shivani Kota, Hiral Mehta
Direct 3D Printing of CT Scan DataOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAnushrut Jignasu
Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Laminate in Elevated Temperatures PosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringJeffrey Kangas
Effect of Offshore Wind Farms on Mixing in a Stably Stratified EnvironmentOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringHolland Kartchner
An Experimental Study of Graphene-Based Conductive Ink for Inkjet-Printable ElectronicsPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringWilliam KehoeHayden Qualls
Phonon Scattering in Graphene by Polymeric SubstrateOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringNicholas KinportsJihad Kudsy
Voxelization and Visualization for Multi Material ApplicationsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringBraden Kopec
Experimental Evaluation of Scaled, Prototype, Heat Exchanger Configurations to Provide Refugia for TroutOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringSarah LaVallie
Designing Home Solar Energy System from a Lake DockOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringColin LucasGrant Umberger
Economic Extraction, Recovery, and Upgrading of Rare Earth Elements from Coal-Based ResourcesPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringKitsel Lusted
Effect of Ambient Temperature on Thermosiphon EfficiencyOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringSanjay Maharjan
Modal Identification of Hydrogel Using Phase-Based Motion MagnificationOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringKenneth Nwagu
Lamar Buffalo Ranch Micro-DistrictPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringMegan Oaklief
the Feasibility of Multiple Extruders in Additive ManufacturingPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringOluwaseun OmoleAsel Habarakada
1-Dimensional Lithium Dendrite FormationPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringRylan Paye
Aerosols and Particulates Emitted while Speaking and SingingOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringEric Pillow
Understanding Mechanical Properties of Honeycomb Structures by Compression TestsPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringFrancisco Rodriguez
Correlating Surface Temperature Fluctuations with Atmospheric FlowPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAlexia Savas
Phonon Scattering in Molten Salt Reactor FuelOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringChristian SchneiderRobert Walz
A Configurable Data Preprocessing Framework to Improve Existing Travel Industry Time Series Prediction ModelsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringNicolai Sison
A Formulation on Friction in ForgingOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringMargarita Tsarkouskaya
Muscle sensor / EMG circuit PosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringJoseph WhiteIan Jones
Effects of Thickness and Aluminum Titanate Doping on the Mechanical Properties of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell AnodesPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringZachary White
Titan Wildfire Infrared Prevention Satellite CubeSatPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringKirk WilliamsPatrick Babb, Kye Arai, Scott Cary, Sally George, Victor Calderon, Abraham Rodriguez