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Subject: Music

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Video Game Music: A Study of the Most Immersive Musical Experience of Our TimeOralMusicJohn Africano
The Spiritualized Pastoral: Early Romantic Natural EscapesOralMusicHannah Avena
Vaughan Williams's 'The Lark Ascending' as an Elegy for Environmental LossOralMusicKirsten Barker
Dialects from Digital to Deutschland: an Exploration of Communication Through Five Solo Bass Clarinet WorksPerforming ArtsMusicTaylor Barlow
The Soldier of Love: the Biography of SadeOralMusicAlexis Barnett
Influence of Teaching Experiences with Younger Students on Identity Development Among UndergraduatesOralMusicJennifer BassBetsy Hesser -
Jonathan New -
Zach Van Manen -
Samantha Thompson -
More Than a Tree: The Effects of Clarinet Production on Tanzanian Economy OralMusicJessica Bell
The Women of Viennese Musical ModernismPosterMusicAlice BelshawJana Michalik
Music on the Porch: the Life and Legacy of Samantha Bumgarner OralMusicSavannah Bennett
The Handelian Short Opera Scene: A Staging Alternative for Collegiate OperaPerforming ArtsMusicVictoria Brodeur
La Mujer Caída: the Presence of the Fallen Woman in Latin American MusicOralMusicAbigail Castro
Harlem Renaissance Man: Towards a Comprehensive Biography of Actor-Singer Frank H. WilsonOralMusicTracy Clark
Curating an Album of Indigenous Ecuadorian Music: the Cañari haway OralMusicErika Contreras
Bridging Musical Worlds: Arranging Chopin's Preludes for Solo PercussionPerforming ArtsMusicHudson Crowe
Australiana: Nationalism and Identity in the Music of the "Land Down Under"OralMusicBeatrice Dalov
An Examination of Stress Levels and Management Among Undergraduate Music StudentsOralMusicJeavanie Desarmes
Adaptations for People Who Are Neurodiverse to Successfully Participate in Music ClassroomsOralMusicTessa Ferry
How Live Music Impacted Silent Film ActingOralMusicChristian Fronckowiak
Trouser Roles in Nineteenth Century French OperaOralMusicRochelle Hazelton
Learning by Doing: Composing a SymphonyPosterMusicTaylor Hosek
The Performance Practices of Liszt’s Vallèe d’ObermannOralMusicAndrew Hughes
Southern Gospel Solutions to Music Classroom Problems: A Study on the Pedagogical Strategies Used in the Gospel Children’s Choir Setting OralMusicAnita Ingram
Two Words, One Job: the Modern ImpresarioOralMusicNathan Janzen
Muscle Development and Injuries in Full Time MusiciansPosterMusicKarli Johnson
Notating Philosophical Suicide: Absurdist Realization and the Works of John CagePosterMusicSarah Kindley
Lake BeresfordPerforming ArtsMusicJohn Levee
Operatic Constructions of ‘Femininity’ as Mirrors of Oppression: Sociocultural Analysis of Claudio Monteverdi’s OrfeoOralMusicKacper Madejek
Parody and Politics in Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 1 Performing ArtsMusicSamuel Mishkin
Music in Culture: Its Personal and Professional Meaning to IndividualsOralMusicRonsard Mondesir
The Queen of the Violin: Mapping Camilla Urso’s Performances on the American Lyceum Concert Circuit, 1852-1901OralMusicMaeve Nagel-Frazel
Graham Jackson: The Ambassador of GoodwillOralMusicEmily Nelson
“Let Thy Conscience Act Her Part”: Republican Motherhood in Civil War Popular SongOralMusicGianna Patchett
The Human-Faith Melody and the Power of the Common Soul: Charles Ives and the Concord TranscendentalistsOralMusicSarah Penna
Batá Drumming: Ethical and Respectful Use by Non-SanterosPerforming ArtsMusicKendall Rhymer
Cabaret-Variety Performance Performing ArtsMusicSeth Robichaux
Rediscovering Charles Galloway: The Life and Music of a St. Louis OrganistOralMusicNoah Rogers
Evolution of the Percussion Ensemble Through an Analysis of Select LiteratureOralMusicIsobel Russo
Vocalizing Justice: An Exploration of Representation and Diversity in the Choral ArtsOralMusicCaroline Sabin
Integrating Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Studio Instruction to create culturally diverse musiciansPosterMusicNoah Schaffrick
The Rising Calm: Creating Mental Space Through CompositionPerforming ArtsMusicAnna Schwartz
Instrumental Musique Concrète: the Virtue of Nuance in the Sonic ExperienceOralMusicConnor Scroggins
Gershwin's Concerto in F, Second Movement: a Critical AnalysisOralMusicMichelle Siy
Electronic Music of Steve ReichOralMusicMcKenzie Squires
Sonata-Allegro Form: an EvolutionOralMusicChristopher Stimson
The Noisy or Nice Dichotomy: Taylor Swift’s Evolution from “Good Girl” to Activist Go-Getter in American PoliticsOralMusicHaley Strassburger
Shifting the Narrative: Censorship and Misogyny in Hip-Hop and Rap CultureOralMusicTori Tyler
Mozart Sonata in E Minor for Violin and Piano, No. 21 K. 304 Performing ArtsMusicHavilah Vang
Applying Elements of the Suzuki Method to Private Music Lessons Over VideoOralMusicNaomi Vliet