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The Use of Video-Telemedicine (VTM) to Establishing Point of Care for Positive Code ST-Elevated Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Patients in the Pre-hospital SettingPosterNursing & Public HealthMartina Abuphilipous
Investigating the Impact of EHR Vendor Selection on Physician Performance ScoresOralNursing & Public HealthDevanshi Agnihotri
Survivability of Clinically Significant Bacteria on Blood Glucose Test StripsOralNursing & Public HealthEmily Alessandrini
Impact of Stress on Food Based Routines in Families from Low Socioeconomic BackgroundsPosterNursing & Public HealthHira AliRiya Chhabra, Shraddha Jadhav
Vaping. A New, but Not Surprising, EpidemicOralNursing & Public HealthGeorge Angelakakis
Creating a Novel Healthcare Delivery Model to Address Social and Health Disparities in Lexington, KentuckyPosterNursing & Public HealthHumza Anwar
Evaluating the Role of Cabin Counselors in a Virtual Asthma Camp OralNursing & Public HealthLauren BarnesEllen Buckner
Assessing the Acceptability of an eHealth Intervention to Improve Diabetes Care Among Emerging Adults with Poorly Controlled Type 1 DiabetesPosterNursing & Public HealthDeepika Baskar
Differential Trends in Telehealth Adoptions Among Urban and Rural Hospitals in the United States, 2008-2017PosterNursing & Public HealthAnna Baucom
Standard Trauma Screening in Pediatric PatientsPosterNursing & Public HealthChristina Benge
Impact of Telehealth on Rural and Homebound Adults with Chronic DiseasePosterNursing & Public HealthCarina Berg
The Effects of Marijuana Products on Patients with Chronic Illness Compared to Polypharmacy.PosterNursing & Public HealthChristian BerglundLauren Yount, Sophia D'Alessandro, Colin Scranton
Analysis of AYA Cancer Patient Priority Symptoms Through Text Mining SoftwareOralNursing & Public HealthKylie Bethards
Veteran PTSD and Cardiovascular Disease--Is there a link?PosterNursing & Public HealthLora Bills
Sleep Quality and Physical Activity Level in Postmenopausal Women with Breast CancerOralNursing & Public HealthAshley Bleiler
Vaccination and Anti-Vaccination Discourse: an Investigation of Attitudes and Beliefs Surrounding Vaccination Amongst the Pakistani American Community in Northern VirginiaOralNursing & Public HealthJuwairiyah Brown
Addressing Mental Health in Rheumatoid Arthritis Through Illness PerceptionPosterNursing & Public HealthChristy Calvert
Morphometric Feature Selection for the High-throughput Image-based Chemical Phenotyping of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl SubstancesPosterNursing & Public HealthNicholas Cemalovic
Hand hygiene knowledge and practices of college students before and during Covid-19 pandemicOralNursing & Public HealthLaurice Verlaine Chewouo
The Effect of Well-Being Initiatives on Nursing Students’ Perceived Gratitude, Happiness, and KindnessPosterNursing & Public HealthJoanne Cobos
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy interventions in collegiate student athletes: A scoping reviewOralNursing & Public HealthAbigail Coffey
Access to Care Among Patients with Hearing LossOralNursing & Public HealthMandy Cooper
Health Locus of Control Beliefs and Other Correlates of Adherence to the Medical Regimen After Lung TransplantationPosterNursing & Public HealthAlexia Coutsouridis
the Impact of Social Determinants of Health on COVID-19: Structural Disparities in Tampa, Florida OralNursing & Public HealthOcean Crawley-Sweeney
Mask Efficacy and the Conservative White Male Effect: How the Cloth Mask Became a Cultural Symbol OralNursing & Public HealthEaston Davis
The Effects of Nursing Handoff Integrated with the Electronic Health Record: A Literature ReviewPosterNursing & Public HealthGrace DisonLeah Llanas
Cultural Competence: Understanding and Application by Health Care ProfessionalsPosterNursing & Public HealthTiana Dorosz
An Analysis of Knowledge and Perceptions of Gun Violence and Gun Policy in the SoutheastOralNursing & Public HealthCaroline DurhamJonah Nordeen, Armani Sumpter
The Effect of Sense of Belonging on Minority Student Drinking on Predominantly White CampusesPosterNursing & Public HealthBernadette Ebri
Applying the Integrated Model of Behavior to College Student Drinking Behavior During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthBernadette Ebri
Attitudes and Perceptions of Faculty Towards Inclusion of Interprofessional Education in Health Care CurriculumOralNursing & Public HealthTracy Eisenschenk
Inspiring a Spirit of Inquiry in Undergraduate Nursing StudentsPosterNursing & Public HealthMaria EscaleraPamela Gonzales, Jennifer Wilson
The Detroit Young Adult Asthma Project: Anxiety, Perception, and AdherencePosterNursing & Public HealthAli Fakih
Afro-Caribbeans with Type 2 Diabetes Have Lower Body Mass Index and Lower Waist Circumference than African Americans: New York City Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2013/14PosterNursing & Public HealthMaria Farag
Implementation of Yale’s SalivaDirect(TM) Protocol for Detection of COVID19 in Cascade Collegiate Conference (CCC) Athletes OralNursing & Public HealthJack FarleyEmily Lockhart -
Natalie Norrell -
Megan Smith -
Exploring the Digital Divide: Factors Related to the Use of Patient PortalsPosterNursing & Public HealthMarlie Frisco
Analysis of Common Healthcare Conditions of Rural Medical Mission Clinics in Haiti PosterNursing & Public HealthMakenzie GirtmanJonathan Howe
a Quantitative Cross-sectional Study on Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses at Four Regional Public Hospitals in GuyanaOralNursing & Public HealthCenise Glasgow FraserTrivedie Bowen Manbodh, Fanela Persaud
Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead: an Analysis of Student Nurses Post-study Abroad Reflections and Perceived Future Nursing Career ImpactsPosterNursing & Public HealthKatelyn Glogowski
Predictors of Healthcare Utilization in Family Caregivers of Persons with a Primary Malignant Brain Tumor PosterNursing & Public HealthIsabella Goldberg
The Relationship Between Racial and Sexual Identity and Suicidal Ideation Among College Students Who Binge DrinkPosterNursing & Public HealthMorgann Hendrixson
The Relationship Between Feelings of Discrimination, Binge Drinking, and Suicidal Ideation in Minority College StudentsPosterNursing & Public HealthMorgann Hendrixson
Deep-Seated Individual Interest Regarding the Underrepresented Topic of Arts in HealthPosterNursing & Public HealthSara Hildreth
A Qualitative Analysis of Community Support for Syringe Decriminalization in PennsylvaniaOralNursing & Public HealthRyan Howe
Assessing Nurses’ Knowledge of the Care of Clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder Seeking Treatment in the Emergency Department: A Mixed Methods StudyPosterNursing & Public HealthAlexa Hromyak
Exercise, Health, and Respiratory Infections, Including COVID-19PosterNursing & Public HealthKylie Huesman
Barriers to Breastfeeding for Low-Income African American Mothers PosterNursing & Public HealthCarmel Iman
How Do the Gender and Race/Ethnicity of Healthcare Providers Impact Quality of Care and Health Disparities?PosterNursing & Public HealthMaygui Jean
Navigating Vaccine Hesitancy: The Influence of Complementary & Alternative Medicine and COVID-19OralNursing & Public HealthClaire Johnson
Associating Access to Mental Health Resources with Anxiety Levels in the API Population Attending Community Health FairsPosterNursing & Public HealthIris KangKristy Lin, Matthew Tsai, Elaine Zheng, Ly Nguyen, Alexis Duke
Academic Performance Among Accelerated Second-Degree Nursing Students: The Role of Previous Degrees and Graduating Nursing Grade Point Average on the National Council Licensure Examination SuccessOralNursing & Public HealthMadelyn KeneppJordan Eckrote
Unrecognized Obstructive Sleep ApneaPosterNursing & Public HealthTaylor Kerstetter
the Impact of PPE Education on Anxiety Levels Regarding COVID-19 RestrictionsOralNursing & Public HealthNicole Kim
Text analysis of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Adolescents and Young AdultsPosterNursing & Public HealthJulianne Kimmel
Increasing Patient Compliance in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening in the Rural West Virginia RegionOralNursing & Public HealthTanya Kurnootala
Stressful Life Events: Risk Factors for Poor Breastfeeding OutcomesPosterNursing & Public HealthCharlotte Laubacher
Nursing Handoff Education: An Integrative ReviewPosterNursing & Public HealthAnna Le
Environmental Inequality: Identifying Sewage Spills and Potential Inequalities by Socioeconomic StatusPosterNursing & Public HealthJabari LottieLeila Njoya
The Relationship Between Racial Identity and the Type of Alcohol Consumed Among College StudentsPosterNursing & Public HealthCharles Lynch
The Relationship Between Race and Alcohol Consumption in College Students’ Social NetworksPosterNursing & Public HealthCharles Lynch
Examining the Genetic Marker for Ischemic Preconditioning and its Effect on Apoptosis and Autophagy in ST-Elevation vs. Non-ST Elevation Acute Myocardial InfarctionOralNursing & Public HealthLacey Maclay
Disproportionate Rates of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity in African American Women in the United StatesOralNursing & Public HealthJulianna MarshallBernadette Kaehler, Kortni Hampton, Joyce Hoang, Hoda Ighanifard
When Science Becomes Partisan: The Clash of Public Health and Policy in Large-Scale Health CrisesOralNursing & Public HealthRohan Mathur
Narrative Exploration of Honors Students Starting Clinical Nursing Courses During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthMarissa Maxwell
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome-Peer Training Using Nursing Students in Infant NAS AssessmentPosterNursing & Public HealthKaitlyn McKeelBethany Paullett, Samantha Yarnick, Haley Zoglmann, Kaitlyn McKeel
The Effectiveness of Tabletop Simulation on Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Knowledge and Self-Perceived Confidence During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthMorgan McNew
Examining the Relationship Between Neighborhood Adversity and Glycemic Control Among African American Adolescents with Type 1 DiabetesPosterNursing & Public HealthYasir Mehmood
Examining Associations Between Binge Drinking, Impulsivity, and COVID-19 Gathering Regulation AdherencePosterNursing & Public HealthEmma Missling
Trends and Racial Disparities in US Liver Cancer Mortality, 1999 to 2018OralNursing & Public HealthRachelle Monteau
Identify the Current Awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease in College Students Using a Self-administered Questionnaire and Implement Resources to Raise Their Level of AwarenessPosterNursing & Public HealthJocelyn Montiel
Predictors of Physical Activity Engagement among Chronic Disease Patients at Region 10, Guyana- Application of Modified Health Belief Model.OralNursing & Public HealthCamika NelsonNatasha Allicock, Metrina Daniels
A Matter of Morality: Improving the End-of-Life Experience for Patients Receiving Hospice and Palliative Care in Acute Inpatient SettingsPosterNursing & Public HealthJessica O'Toole
Implementation of Telemedicine in Student-run Free Clinic in Response to COVID-19PosterNursing & Public HealthGrace ParkTiffany Cao, Tylor McGrew
Implementation of Satellite-Derived Air Quality Measurements in Health ApplicationsPosterNursing & Public HealthAdriana Payan-Medina
A Longitudinal Study Investigating the Possible Effects of Bridge Construction and Consequent Changes in Traffic Flow on Air QualityPosterNursing & Public HealthDaniel Pert
Model Fidelity in CenteringPregnancy® and Birth Outcomes PosterNursing & Public HealthKim Phan
The Effect of Stress-Management Interventions on Nurse BurnoutPosterNursing & Public HealthMichaela Pry
Searching for the Fountain of Utah: Birthplace and Longevity in UtahPosterNursing & Public HealthKristianna Radley
The Power of Nursing’s Impact on Classroom Connectedness PosterNursing & Public HealthLiliAnna Radwan
Redressing Access to and Disparities in Immunotherapy for Cancer: A Systematic ReviewPosterNursing & Public HealthBurha Rasool
Nursing Proficiency for Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Qualitative Study in Education PosterNursing & Public HealthPresley Ratliff
The Quality of life of kidney transplant patient: A Systematic ReviewPosterNursing & Public HealthJenella Reddock Jasmine Mentore, Ayanna Cornelius, Jenella Reddock
Healthy Human, Healthy Dog, Healthy Nursing Student VolunteerPosterNursing & Public HealthLeslie (Caroline) Richey
Use of Electronic Health Record and Care Plan During Nursing Handover: An Observational StudyPosterNursing & Public HealthJessica Robinson
University, City, and State Measurements Effects on Rural Hospital Capacities During a PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthBethany Robinson
Residential Cleaning of Indoor Air to Reduce Acute Exacerbations of COPD PosterNursing & Public HealthHolly Rowland
Investigating Patterns of Polysubstance Use among Stimulant Users Age 10 to 18 from a National SurveyPosterNursing & Public HealthYveline Saint Louis
Beauty Around the World- Artist StatementVisual Arts ExhibitNursing & Public HealthMadeline Salberg
Beliefs and Attitudes on Working with Older Adults Scale DevelopmentPosterNursing & Public HealthZachary Sanchez
Policy Recommendations for Medicare Hospice Benefit Relating to Patients with ADRDPosterNursing & Public HealthEvan Sangster
Comparison Between Population Demographics and Viewpoints Regarding the COVID-19 PandemicOralNursing & Public HealthKyle Sasso
Wellness among College FreshmanPosterNursing & Public HealthAbby SauerPaul Haarmann -
Jordan Lewis -
Linh Nguyen -
Examining the effects of generational differences in public-school prescription drug education in AmericaOralNursing & Public HealthKush Savsani
Relationships Between Chaos in the Home and Bedtime Routine for Preschool Children in Low-Income FamiliesPosterNursing & Public HealthDavid Schabdach
Influenza Vaccine Hesitancy Amidst the Covid-19 PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthShreya Sharma
Nurses Role to Address Car Seat Safety Education to Parents in the Clinical Setting PosterNursing & Public HealthKalyn Shoffner
Barriers influencing pre-enrollment withdrawal in randomized clinical trials: Reflections of participants who did not complete screening for a smart technology-based weight loss studyOralNursing & Public HealthAnmol Singh
Exploring Relationships Among Race, Mothers' Perceptions of Discrimination During Perinatal Healthcare Visits, and the Prevalence of Adverse Maternal and Neonatal Health OutcomesOralNursing & Public HealthFiona So
Involuntary Hospice Discharge: A Critical Analysis About the Ethics of Ending Hospice Care for Terminal PatientsOralNursing & Public HealthMadeleine Sorenson
Virtual Lifestyle Therapy Program Participants See Similar Attrition Rates Between Payer Populations PosterNursing & Public HealthTiffany SortoJohanah Martinez, Phuong Ngan Phan, Alan Marin
Accuracy of Emergency Severity Index Score for the Triage of Emergency Department Patients with Suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome.OralNursing & Public HealthJennifer Stemler
Patient Perceptions of Post-Hospital Discharge Medication Adherence: A Meta-SynthesisPosterNursing & Public HealthIsabel Stringfellow
Nursing Student’s Expectancy-Value Regarding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Knowledge RetentionPosterNursing & Public HealthRaquel Suba
Do Young Adults with Close Family Experiencing Alzheimer's Have Higher Depression Rates?PosterNursing & Public HealthAli Sullivan
Implicit Racial Bias in Physicians: Racial Disparity in Opioid Prescriptions in U.S. Emergency DepartmentsPosterNursing & Public HealthAnjali Ta
Utilizing the 2018 Pennsylvania (PA) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health Needs Assessment Report to Assess the Interest and Engagement in Healthy Lifestyles Within the Allegheny County LGBT CommunityOralNursing & Public HealthIsabella Tam
Interim Nurse Management Roles: An Integrative Literature ReviewPosterNursing & Public HealthLeah Utt
School-Aged Children and Health Procedures: Distraction Methods for Reducing PainPosterNursing & Public HealthMia Vance
Electronic Health Records: Understanding Their Role in HealthcareOralNursing & Public HealthKokila Varadarajan
Period Poverty in a University and Surrounding Community Setting OralNursing & Public HealthJaaie VarshneySuvitha Viswanathan, Maeve Breathnach, Ashley Boyle, Mahathi Mula
The Effectiveness of Well-Being Classroom Initiatives on Nursing Students’ Altruistic Behaviors and Perceptions: A Mixed Methods StudyPosterNursing & Public HealthMia Venkatesan
Association Between State Tobacco Control Policies and Cancer IncidencePosterNursing & Public HealthElizabeth Wahlenmayer
Improving Reproducibility of Prenatal Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarker to Detect Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury in Rabbit FetusPosterNursing & Public HealthCarolann Walkuski
Cost-Effectiveness of Diabetes Prevention Programs OralNursing & Public HealthKathleen Wann
Providing a Good Death: A Quantitative Study of How Hospice Care Education Can Relieve Death Anxiety and Improve Death Competence in BSN Students at IWUPosterNursing & Public HealthKendra Webster
Combating Misinformation During the COVID-19 Pandemic: General Strategies and Learning from American and German ContextsOralNursing & Public HealthAnna Weisenburger
Encountering Overdose: An Analysis of College Students' Overdose ExperiencesOralNursing & Public HealthDuncan WellerAnne Scully
Autonomy and the Birthing ProcessOralNursing & Public HealthAlyssa WhitakerAbby Holton -
Undergraduate Nursing Students' Attitudes Towards the Care of Dying PatientsPosterNursing & Public HealthDanielle Williams
Recommendations to Nursing Faculty for Nursing Student and New Nurse Preparedness: Hospital Nurse Leader Perspectives SurveyPosterNursing & Public HealthBrianna ZajdaMegan Jacobson