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Subject: Plant Sciences

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Measuring the Toxicity Levels of Asparagus Setaceus in a Lethality Bioassay using Brine Shrimp (Artemia salina)PosterPlant SciencesRebeca Acevedo Barboza
Drought and Beetle induced Monoterpene Defenses in Pinyon Pine SeedlingsOralPlant SciencesFranklin Alongi
“Feeling” the Heat: Remotely Sensing Crop Temperature Response to Drought and Fruit Removal StressPosterPlant SciencesDuncan Anderson
The Genetic Basis of Trichomes in Yellow MonkeyflowersPosterPlant SciencesKalob Baesen
How Plant Physiological Characteristics Can Be Used to Better Manage WildfiresPosterPlant SciencesNicolas Bakken-French
Nearly a Decade of Community Change Documented for a Montane Forest in UtahPosterPlant SciencesWilliam Bradshaw
Explosive Seed Dispersal of Leafy SpurgeOralPlant SciencesCaitlin Carmody
Identification and Analyzation of Endophytes Extracted From Native Texas Grasses OralPlant SciencesLuke Darter
Relationships of California Floristic Province Menthinae (Lamiaceae)PosterPlant SciencesMallory Hays
a Population Genomics Approach to Understanding the Role of Indigenous Foragers in the Distribution and Genetic Diversity of an Australian Wild Bush Tomato (Solanum Diversflorum)PosterPlant SciencesJeffrey Heim
Class III Glutaredoxins Regulate Cell Size, Shoot Biomass, and Chlorophyll Content in Arabidopsis thalianaPosterPlant SciencesIsabelle Massaro
Comparison of Total Protein Expression in Wild and Mutant Isolates and the Identification of Infection Biomarkers of Rhizoctonia solaniPosterPlant SciencesVictoria Maziarz
Phylogenetic Structure of the North America Desert FloraPosterPlant SciencesAndrea McClure
Control of Flowering Rush with an Aqueous SolutionPosterPlant SciencesIan McRyhew
Analysis of Gene Duplication in Arabidopsis Thaliana on Growth Patterns, and It's Application in the Agricultural IndustryPosterPlant SciencesWilliam Nauam
Oak Tatter Severity and Proximity to Agricultural Fields in IowaPosterPlant SciencesElizabeth Smith
Investigating the Role of the Phytosulfokine Pathway in Senescence in Arabidopsis thalianaPosterPlant SciencesHannah Subramaniam
Competitive Night-time Stomatal Response of Black Cottonwood During DroughtPosterPlant SciencesKarrin Tennant
Proximity to Illinois River Impacts Photosynthetic Leaf Traits in OaksOralPlant SciencesKatie Worden