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Subject: Political Science

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Human Rights & the Economy: Analyzing the Impacts of Manufacturing FDI on Labor StandardsPosterPolitical ScienceAyah AbdelwahabBuket Urgen
Virtual Human Rights Education: Best Practices in Teaching and Engaging with Human Rights OnlinePosterPolitical ScienceMennah Abdelwahab
Is America Failing its Workers? A US Report Card on Labor RightsPosterPolitical ScienceAyah Abdelwahab
Isolated incidents or troubling pattern? The power of human rights data to strengthen human rights narrativesPosterPolitical ScienceMennah Abdelwahab
Understanding the Impact of Partisanship on Climate Change Opinion from 1973-2016OralPolitical ScienceOlivia Anderson
War of Words: the Evolution of Linguistic Agitations in Assam and Tamil Nadu, 1947-2020OralPolitical ScienceElizabeth Anderson
Social Media in the Age of Polarized PoliticsOralPolitical ScienceAbigail Arient
Small Packages, Big Surprises: Understanding the Success of Weaker States in Asymmetric Interstate ConflictsOralPolitical ScienceAkhil Bandreddi
On the Basis of Politics: Public Approval of the Supreme CourtOralPolitical ScienceMelissa Barnosky
Fracking is Irreconcilable with Responsible Climate PolicyOralPolitical ScienceDaniel Barrow
Ideological Schisms and Embedded Isms: the UN’s Framing of International CrimesOralPolitical ScienceMiranda Baumann
Do Female US House of Representatives Candidates Receive More Scrutiny and Consideration of Their Families and Family Lives Than Do Male US House of Representatives Candidates?PosterPolitical ScienceAlexis Benson
The Responses of Minority Women in the House of Representatives to President Trump's tweetsPosterPolitical ScienceMikaela Benton
The Constitutional Context of Public Administration and Executive OrdersPosterPolitical ScienceDallas Blackburn
Two Messages for Two Americas: Presidential Video Advertising in the Age of TrumpOralPolitical ScienceOwen Boice
Title: Politics as Usual: Restricting Immigrant Access to Public Assistance After the 1996 Welfare Reform Act Amid COVID-19PosterPolitical ScienceHeaven Brown
The Future of American Democracy: Why Your Vote MattersPosterPolitical ScienceNina Bundy
Social Media's Influence on Political ParticipationOralPolitical ScienceLauren Burkhart
Updating Our Understanding of the Relationship between Religion and Support for Women Political LeadersOralPolitical ScienceLauren Canfield
CBRN Weapon Use by Terrorist OrganizationsOralPolitical ScienceStephanie Cannon
Abstract of Under the Aegis of the Equal Rights Amendment: Title IX and Constitutional Sex Equality Reimagined under the Equal Rights AmendmentOralPolitical ScienceThalia Charles
The Partition of India and Pakistan: A Multi-Directional GenocideOralPolitical ScienceRahul Chaudhry
Soldiers of Fortune: Exploring the Relationship Between Economic Liberalization and Private Military/Security Companies in the Global SouthOralPolitical ScienceSaeJin Cho
A Spatial Analysis of Social Vulnerability, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Income Gap Loans in Charlotte, North CarolinaOralPolitical ScienceScott Christensen
Superfund in the Trump EraOralPolitical ScienceDenton Cohen
Cultural Globalization as a Catalyst for Terrorism in the Middle EastOralPolitical ScienceJaleah Cullors
Multinational Corporation Influence on Host Country Political Affairs: Renewed Imperialism in AfricaOralPolitical ScienceHoulton Dannenberg
Social Identity, Legality, and Immigration: The Effects of House Bill 1804 on Hispanic or Latino Communities in OklahomaPosterPolitical ScienceJarvis De Leon
Neocolonialism in New York City: Urban Planning through Critical TheoryOralPolitical ScienceEmily Dionne
“It’s the economy, stupid!” The Effect of the State of the Economy and Other Factors on Contemporary Presidential RhetoricOralPolitical ScienceMorgan Dubbs
Disconnect Between Congressional Approval Ratings and Reelection RatesPosterPolitical ScienceThomas Eder
Language, Party Leadership, and the Construction of Greenlandic IdentityOralPolitical ScienceAlexander Erdman
COVID-19 Response in the United States: What Factors Predict the Level of Restriction and Level of “Openness” across the 50 States?OralPolitical ScienceKiya Ezell
Congressional Candidate Quality: Examining the Effects of Candidate Quality in the 2018 Congressional Freshman ClassOralPolitical ScienceMackenzie Ferguson
Analyzing Power and Ideological Bias in U.S. Textbooks: a Case Study of the Bill of Rights Institute PosterPolitical ScienceJessica Flacksenburg
Baseball Rhetoric Used by Politicians and Media Creating a Stronger Sense of Nationalism in the White Male American Identity During World War II PosterPolitical ScienceKaitlyn Fulmore
Factors of Political Affiliation: America’s ChoicesOralPolitical ScienceLorenzo Gari
Regulatory Consequences of Chinese Petroleum Investment in EcuadorOralPolitical ScienceGerren Graham
Human Trafficking in Women: Security of the Individual OralPolitical ScienceAllison Green
Gendered Media Framing of Participants in Political Violence: the Case of Women in the Palestinian IntifadasPosterPolitical ScienceKelsie Greene
Love Thy Neighbor: Religiosity, Immigration Opinions, and Other Categorizing IdentitiesOralPolitical ScienceNatalie Harder
Steering the Ship: Governor's Priorities by StateOralPolitical ScienceJack HeavnerCloë Di Flumeri -
COVID-19 in the United States: What are the Key Predictors of how the 50 States have Responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic? OralPolitical ScienceDiana Henriquez
Rising out of Submerged Nationhood: Trends of Scottish Nationalism and Identity Influenced Through Political DiscourseOralPolitical ScienceNoel James
ICA: Balancing the Familial, the National, and the GlobalOralPolitical ScienceKate Jasenski
Voting Behaviors of American JewsOralPolitical ScienceGiliann Karon
The Russian Orthodox Church and Legitimacy of Political Homophobia in RussiaOralPolitical ScienceMacy Karpa
The Impact of High Schools on Civic and Political Socialization OralPolitical ScienceLogan King
Banking on Multilateral Development Banks: China’s Intentions for the International OrderOralPolitical ScienceDaegan Kingery
Navigating States’ Interests in the EU’s Sanctions Policy: A Case Study of the Ukraine CrisisOralPolitical ScienceNathan Kornfeind
Frankreich ist Hamlet: The Failures of Macron's Indecision Towards XenophobiaOralPolitical ScienceTrevor Kosloski
Effects of Kyoto Protocol on Country-level GDP per capitaPosterPolitical ScienceSommer Kunstmann
Politics Stops at Nature’s Edge: the Need for Bipartisanship in PolicymakingOralPolitical ScienceAllison Kustic
Federalism as a Determinant of the Severity of Anti-Police Protest OralPolitical ScienceCaleb Lambert
Racism and Environmentalism: How Racial Resentment Impacts Climate ActionOralPolitical ScienceElizabeth Land
The Global Drug Market’s Impact on Baltimore City PosterPolitical ScienceLewis Laury, Jr.
Analyzing the Rise of the Far-right in Israel Through Computational Text AnalysisPosterPolitical ScienceSean Le Van
Outer Space- the New DiscourseOralPolitical ScienceChristiaan Lecky
Investigating the Interpretation of Machiavelli Through Interwar Authoritarian Figures onto the Present DayOralPolitical ScienceGraciela Lee
Transit Manipulation by the Koch Brothers Under the Lens of the 2018 Nashville Transit Improvement Program Referendum: Analyzing the Division of Power, Societal Benefits, Voter and Rider Composition, Language and Cost of ImprovementOralPolitical ScienceSamantha Lee
The International System in the Time of Trump: An Analysis of White House Daily NewslettersOralPolitical ScienceFaith Leslie
What Factors Predict the Vote by County in Florida for Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election?PosterPolitical ScienceDestiny Lewis
The Trust Gap: Angelenos and the NationPosterPolitical ScienceLuis Lopez
American Sentiments on Behavioral & Cognitive Qualifications within Elected OfficialsOralPolitical ScienceKevin Lopez Pelaez
Understanding Spatial Patterns of Eviction in Washington DCOralPolitical ScienceEvan Margiotta
The Role of Islamic Identity in European Foreign PolicymakingOralPolitical ScienceTheodora Mattei
The Myths of Nonviolent Struggle and the Captivation of ViolencePosterPolitical ScienceRachel Mattos
Scorched Earth, Democratic Erosion in Bolsonaro’s BrazilOralPolitical ScienceNayanne Medeiros
Under Constricted Bylaws: Authoritarianism in Eritrea Post-LiberationOralPolitical ScienceYeabsera Mengistu
Whose Plate Is Empty?: an Analysis of the Supply and Demand Problem of the World Food ProgrammeOralPolitical ScienceMadeleine Meyer
The Collateral Consequences of Mass Incarceration in African American Communities OralPolitical ScienceYevangelina Mironenko
Do Black Lives Matter to Congressional Candidates?OralPolitical ScienceRian Moore
Mexico: Comparing State Responses to Covid-19OralPolitical SciencePiper Neulander
Asian American Political Participation: More Than a High Education LevelOralPolitical ScienceVan Thanh Nguyen
Presidential Rhetoric about Immigration from Ronald Reagan to Donald TrumpOralPolitical ScienceKatya Palacios
Education Policy and Democratic Consolidation: the Case of Post-Euromaidan UkraineOralPolitical ScienceKateryna Pashchenko
Determining Disengagement Methods: Deciphering the Relationship Between Engagement Pathways of U.S. Identity-Motivated Domestic Terrorists and the Most Effective Disengagement MethodsOralPolitical ScienceMichaila Peters
Public Opinion and Mental Health in VirginiaOralPolitical ScienceWilliam Phillips
Rapid Urbanization of Melanesia: Effects on Future Healthcare Institutional Capacity PosterPolitical ScienceMichaela Proffitt
The Blame GameOralPolitical ScienceAlexander Prom
Small Island Developing States and the Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on Climate Aid Commitments PosterPolitical ScienceElizabeth Rakowski
Rapping Resistance: Dalit and Black Hip-Hop Genres in Transnational PerspectiveOralPolitical ScienceDhanya Rao
Bias Against Female Political Leaders After Mexico’s DemocratizationOralPolitical ScienceMeghan Reed
Hot Off the Press: Understanding Patterns in Media Consumption and Relationship to the Red Cedar WatershedPosterPolitical ScienceOlivia Regnier
Impact of Liberation Theology on Mass Mobilization: Findings from the PhilippinesOralPolitical ScienceGabrielle Rivera
the Language of Politics: Building a Cognitive Framework for Political Science's Language MethodologyOralPolitical ScienceJackson Rudoff
Inclusive Health Development in India: Examining the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Sustainable Development Goal 3 Through National Indicator Framework Indicators 3.8.1 and 3.8.8OralPolitical ScienceLyla Saxena
Autonomy in a Complex World: Insights from Complexity Theory, Friedrich Nietzsche and William ConnollyPosterPolitical ScienceJohn Schafer
Banks and Climate Policy: a Cross-National Comparison of Perceived Regulatory RiskPosterPolitical ScienceAlixandra Schoback
Is America "One nation under God"?OralPolitical ScienceAnna Simonson
A Cross-national Comparative Analysis of Political Knowledge of Young Adults: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany OralPolitical ScienceEmma Sommer
Reactive Measures: A Comparative Analysis of Disinformation Policy in the US and the EUOralPolitical SciencePablo Stein
Racial Influence on Trans-Femme Hate Crime Conviction RatesPosterPolitical ScienceJude Stone
Edward Snowden: Traitor or WhistleblowerOralPolitical ScienceJoshua Tarver
The Social Impact of Gacaca Courts in the Reconciliation Process in RwandaPosterPolitical ScienceMary Thibodeau
A Look into American Political Polarization as a Product of Psychological PhenomenaOralPolitical ScienceJoel Thomas
Re: Constitution: a Proposal for Legislative RenewalOralPolitical ScienceArish Vale
China's Counterterrorism Policies and Human Rights ViolationsOralPolitical ScienceLaura Vega
The United States and China: the Return of Bipolarity?PosterPolitical ScienceAntonio Visani
"Threaten Our Existence. Expect Our Resistance." Native American Narratives and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Crisis, 2016-2018OralPolitical ScienceAnnie Waddell
A Reckoning with the Legacy of the Drug War to Create Sustainable Solutions PosterPolitical ScienceDana Wakeman
Rethinking Feminist Standpoint Theory with María LugonesOralPolitical ScienceAnna Watson
LGBTQ+ Political Progress in Houston from the 1970s Through the 1990sOralPolitical ScienceKatarina Wilson
Brexit: A Fluke or the Future of British Conservatism? Analyzing the Post-Brexit Conservative Party’s Populist Status QuoOralPolitical ScienceJacob Winn
Epistemic Communications: the Politics of Confronting the Global COVID-19 PandemicOralPolitical ScienceKaitlyn Workman
God’s Country: Examining the Intersection of American Nationalism and Country MusicOralPolitical ScienceLori Younissess
The Democratic Dilemma and the Royal Prerogative in the United KingdomOralPolitical ScienceGarrett Zahner