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Subject: Psychology

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Need for Status: An Evolutionary Explanation for Mental Health Issues from Social MediaPosterPsychologyKaylee Aaron
How COVID Impacted People of Different Socioeconomic StatusOralPsychologyDaniel Abramov
The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: Intestinal Inflammation and Psychological DisordersPosterPsychologyJolene Addi
Web Connections: Shared Reality and Extremism in Online SpacesPosterPsychologyCanfer Akbulut
Mental Health Perceptions of Muslim American College StudentsOralPsychologySangida Akter
Neuroscience Education Therapy for Migraine and Other Overlapping Pain ConditionsOralPsychologySangida Akter
Relationship of Personality Traits and the Continued Use of Childhood Comfort Objects by College StudentsPosterPsychologyAshlyn Allan
Adapting Community Colleges’ Mental Health Services via Cybercounseling and Online Student Support GroupsPosterPsychologyJesse Alvarez
: Self-Continuity in Adolescence: a Buffer Against Decreases in Self-Esteem and VictimizationPosterPsychologyGabriela Alvarez
Analyzing Stress Physiology in Response to Prolonged Periods in NaturePosterPsychologyDaniel Anderson
Fostering Cultural Sensitivity and Global Awareness: How International Experiences Shape the Minds of College and Post Graduate StudentsPosterPsychologyArisha AndhaHaydee Soriano, Peri Yuksel
The Impact of Social Belonging on Academic Achievement and Math Anxiety Levels in Underrepresented Minority STEM UndergraduatesOralPsychologyMya Arellano
Schizophrenia Network Dysfunction During Associative Learning Revealed Using Dynamic Graphical Models PosterPsychologyTristan Attisha
Examining Self-Care Behaviors in Undergraduate Students as a Function of Personality TraitsPosterPsychologyVictoria August
Is My Body a Cage?: Radical Dualism and Religious OrientationPosterPsychologyLauren Baldwin
Representation Through Racial Socialization in Early Childhood OralPsychologyTasnim BegumJoseph Calhoun
A Meta-analysis of the Association Between Parental Psychological Control and Youth Emotion RegulationPosterPsychologyLauren Beliveau
Everyone Wants What They Can’t Have: Appearance Comparisons Made on Instagram and Their Effect on Body DissatisfactionPosterPsychologyJanna Bernatsky
Hope Across Borders: A Look at How Culture Influences HopePosterPsychologyFrancisco Berrones
Psychology of the Nature of EvilPosterPsychologyTiffany Bickett
Narratives of Enduring the Strong Black Woman StereotypePosterPsychologyKeyShauna Blackwell
Leveraging Evidence-Based Messaging to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19PosterPsychologyAnastasia Browning
Applying Positive Psychology during a Quarantine: How does a weekly gratitude letter affect daily mood states?OralPsychologySamuel Browning
Qui Bono? Comparison of Behaviors in US CulturePosterPsychologyErica Buckland
Perceptions of Anxiety, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and Learning DisabilitiesPosterPsychologyHannah Burmeister
The Psychological and Mental Health Effects of Covid-19 on Students and FacultyOralPsychologyBriana BurnettTangela Allen, Destyni Herbert
Associations Between Self-Compassion and Mental Health: a Literature ReviewPosterPsychologyJenaya Burns
Outward Physical Changes and Reestablishment of Civilian Identity in VeteransOralPsychologyJordan ButlerBrett Slagel, Alyssa Wood, Stephanie Jett
Efficacy of Stress Relieving Interventions Through ZoomOralPsychologyFrancesca Cable
An Analysis of the Correlation Between the Static and Dynamic Impedance During Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)PosterPsychologyCarliza CanelaGozde Unal, Jaiti Swami, Samantha Cohen, Niranjan Khadka, Harold Sackeim, Marom Bikson
the Implicit Connection Between Sex and Gender in Primary School Aged ChildrenOralPsychologyOlivia Carroll
Instructor Presence in Instructional VideoPosterPsychologyKevin CarterJessica Sendef, Devan Nelson
Am I right or Am I protectivePosterPsychologyJose Castaneda
The Relationship Between Fear of Missing Out and Health-Conscious Drinking in College StudentsPosterPsychologyJessica Cefalo
Brain Mapping and Associations between Lobes in the Brains of 35 to 50 Year Old Individuals in Relation to Synesthesia and the Big Five Personality Trait of “Openness”OralPsychologyRithika Changal
The Longitudinal Associations Between Depression and Future Life SatisfactionPosterPsychologyMuntaha ChaudhryMaria Zia
COVID-19's Impact on Technology and Mental HealthOralPsychologyMaan Fung CheangHannah Vaughn
Emotional Intelligence and College SuccessOralPsychologyAlexander Cigularov
The Relationship Between Unit Support and Post-deployment Social Support in Military VeteransPosterPsychologySherree Clark-Metcalf
Applying Restorative Cognitive Rehabilitation in Survivors of TBI 40 Years after Injury PosterPsychologyKiana Clay
PCL-5 item #20: Is it a reliable screener for insomnia?OralPsychologyTaylor ClineTaylor Cline
Exploring the Utility of PHQ-9 in Insomnia ScreeningOralPsychologyTaylor ClineTaylor Cline, Justin Davis, Summer Turpin
“Fake News”, Political Polarization, and the Undermining of News CredibilityOralPsychologyKathryn CoeNicholas Rousseau, Madelyn Dorn
Musical Effects on Individual Time PerceptionPosterPsychologyNicole Coleman
Effects of Presentation Styles and Personality Traits on CyberbullyingPosterPsychologyNicole Coleman
Effects of Anonymity on Deception PosterPsychologyJonathan Conrady
Mental Health and Discipline Through the Eyes of EducatorsPosterPsychologyCourtney ConwayCarly Chadd
Improving Mood State Assessment for Adolescents with Limited Language on the SpectrumPosterPsychologyJulia Cornish
The Effects of Race and Gender on Depression Among People in Interracial RelationshipsPosterPsychologyHannah CorradoAbigail Caselli
Microaggressions Experienced by DACA/Undocumented Students: Nature, Impact & PreventionOralPsychologyLizeth Cortez ibañezClarissa Mendoza, Aracely Gonzalez, Maygen McGrew, Mariana Guerrero
Racial Inequities and Disparities in COVID-19: A Social Determinants of Health Perspective OralPsychologyEmma Cottrell
Perceived Parental Support: Does Maternal Depression and Motherhood Roles Matter? PosterPsychologyDestyni Cravens
Responses to Racial Violence: Unequal Expectations of Black ForgivenessPosterPsychologyCatherine CrimminsKatheleen Chavez
Emotional Intelligence and Vocational Personality: How Does Emotional Intelligence Relate to Career Interests in College Students?OralPsychologyAshley Cubberly
COVID-19 Impact, Parental Stress, and Child Problem Behavior: a Mediation ModelPosterPsychologyOlivia Cutshaw
Loneliness and Caregiver Burden in Aging Adults Caring for Individuals with DementiaPosterPsychologyBarbara Dabrowski
Finding Common GroundPosterPsychologyAndrea Dailey
Parental Aggression and Defiance from Developing American Children and Tweens as Influenced by Early to Mid-2000’s Disney Channel Television ShowsOralPsychologyRachel Davidson
Antidepressants Versus Music Therapy: Which Treatment Is Better for Treating Depression in Parkinson's disease?PosterPsychologyEmaan Dawood
Barrier to Career PosterPsychologyAllison De Cristo
Severe Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Prevalent Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Brain Dysfunction, Treatment, & Prevention A Systematic ReviewPosterPsychologyKailyn Deavens
Religiosity and Perceptions of HPV Vaccine SafetyPosterPsychologyConner DeichmanCaitlin Kreutz, Leini Jenkins, Tyler Graff, Shelby Seipert
Evidence Based Graduate School Applications in Psychology ProgramsPosterPsychologyHaylie DeMercyNatalie Wennergren, Sara Hathaway
Effect of Uncertainty on Competitive BehaviorPosterPsychologyDuncan DrewryMaxwell Klein
Public Attitudes Towards and Knowledge of Sustainability: A Pilot StudyPosterPsychologyJessica EleazerAvery Perkins, Stephanie Jett
The Interplay of Music and Alcohol in Regulating College Students’ MoodPosterPsychologyMelissa Elias
Family Communications, Religiosity, and Depression: A Path AnalysisPosterPsychologyMelvin Ellis
Examining the Impact of COVID-19 on College Students' Experience PosterPsychologyKaylee Engle Taiylor Hoeft, Tyra Klarenbeek
Made You Look! – Visual Searches with Threatening Targets Produce Longer Reaction TimesOralPsychologyKaitlin Erpenbeck
Face-to-FaceTime: Mother-infant interaction in the context of learning a new motor skillPosterPsychologyTaylor EvansJalyssa Matos
Preservice Teachers and TGNC Victimization: the Influence of Beliefs and Policy on Response StylePosterPsychologySofia Farmer
Identifying the Relationship Between Fatigue and Alertness in Medical StudentsOralPsychologyMadisen Faulkner
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Specific to the Coronavirus Pandemic: Risk and Protective Factors Among College StudentsPosterPsychologyTatum Feiler
The Role of Infant Locomotor Experience in Planning and Problem-solving in a Whole-body Object-retrieval TaskPosterPsychologyGrace Feiner
Attitudes Towards Recreational Drug Use: A Study of Kennesaw State University StudentsPosterPsychologyMatthew FennerJack Arbuckle, Daron Pracharn, Aaron Murray, Sierra Wynn, Coby Shepherd, Katerina Joseph, Giovanni Still, Arely Cruz
Perceived Productivity and Mental Health Amongst Students During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterPsychologyMatthew FennerMarsalis Byrd, Madison Garvin, Ryan Allen
Anxiety, Impulsivity and Intolerance of UncertaintyPosterPsychologyMichael Fensken
The Effects of Running on Stress and Academic Motivation during COVID-19 PandemicOralPsychologyBreanna Ferguson
The Effects of Video Priming on ForgivenessOralPsychologyVirginia FergusonCheyenne French, Kinsey Painter
The Impact of Multimodal Other-Race Exposure on the Development of the Other-Race Effect in InfancyPosterPsychologyAleena Ferozuddin
Competitions and Competitors in the WorkplacePosterPsychologyLeilani FonsecaHasan Zai -
Burnout in College Students: Examining the Effect of the COVID-19 PandemicOralPsychologyBailee Ford
Racism in Sentencing and Conviction of Violent Criminal BehaviorPosterPsychologyKirsti Fox
Caregivers of Dementia OralPsychologysheila franco
Self-Defeating Behaviours and Emotional IntelligencePosterPsychologyHannah Frank
Investigating Associations Between Women's Interoceptive Awareness and Sexual FunctionPosterPsychologySophia FrankKendall Poovey
Motivation for MemesOralPsychologyJosephine Freeman
Bilingualism, Argumentative Writing, and Perspective TakingPosterPsychologyAvery Gaeta
The Social Competence, Self-Perceptions, and Quality of Life of Adults with AutismOralPsychologyMarianne Garcia
Scared to Death: Hospital Images Evoke Mortality Salience PosterPsychologyKelli GausAmber Lisman
Virginia Commonwealth University Mental Health Organizational Infrastructure: How Separation of Student Health and Counseling Services Impacts Stigma and Quality of Care for Undergraduate StudentsPosterPsychologyEmma Geisler
Causes of Procrastination Among Gender and Age GroupsOralPsychologyAbigail George
Neural Correlates of Auditory Enhancement in HumansOralPsychologyPuiYii Goh
Stressed Out and Under Pressure: Decision-Making in the Healthcare Field PosterPsychologyBailee Golisch
Comparing Two Measures of Relationship Quality on Systolic Blood Pressure PosterPsychologyTyler GraffMikel Cressman, Nathaniel Call, Shelby Seipert, Jordan Berrey, Wendy Birmingham
Empathetic Bullying Prevention and InterventionOralPsychologyPayton Gregory
the Relationship Between Lucid Dreaming, Dream Emotion, and Morning Mood Via LIWC AnalysisPosterPsychologyAlam Grewal
Bipolarity of the Five Factor Model of Personality DisorderOralPsychologyMeghan GriffinGenevieve McAlexander
The Association Between Sleep Duration and Children’s Aggressive Behaviors: The Mediating Role of the P3 ERPOralPsychologyCharles Grugan
I will do anything to be in the group: Personal control moderates the effect of the need to belong on in-group aggressionPosterPsychologyDavid Guirgus
Victims Who Don't See Themselves as Victims: Analyzing Women's Perceptions of Forced vs. Voluntary Sex Trade in RussiaOralPsychologyVarvara Gulina
Mood Induction in the Wild: Examination of a Brief and Mobile Negative Affect Induction for Use in Psychobiological and Field ResearchPosterPsychologyMohammad Habib
Sleeping with Technology: Cell Phone Use and Sleep Quality OralPsychologyNancy HabibMariam Girgis, Rachel Morris, Mia Turner
Effect of Adolescent Binge-Like Alcohol Exposure on Adult Alcohol Consumption in Sprague Dawley RatsPosterPsychologyUsman Hamid
Does Negative Affect Mediate the Association Between Maternal Depression and Child Coping?PosterPsychologyFarah Harb
Associations Between Past Incidents of Child Abuse and Problematic Drinking and Risky Behavior PosterPsychologyEvelyn Harrison
Problematic Alcohol Consumption in College Students During a Pandemic PosterPsychologyLauren Haus
Mission Accomplished: How Framing of Organizational Mission Statements Impacts Public OpinionOralPsychologyNicole Hawley
Wilderness Therapy as an Intervention for At-Risk Youth: A Pilot Study of Treatment Mechanisms and Program EffectivenessPosterPsychologyMorgan HeimbignerCali Caughie -
Phoebe Bean -
Samantha Russell -
Madison Goldstein -
Assessing Cortical Dopamine Transmission in a Genetic Rat Model of ADHDPosterPsychologyCarina Hicks
Influences of Cultural Similarities and Differences on Coworker Relationships and Perceived Levels of Workplace Psychological StressOralPsychologyNatalie Hidaka
The effects of sociocultural factors on body image in Division III female collegiate athletesPosterPsychologyNaomi Hill
Chronic Pain and Hazardous Alcohol Consumption Are Associated with Mitochondrial DNA Damage in People Living with HIV PosterPsychologyMichael Ho
“Fantasy and reality distinction in children”PosterPsychologySarah Hohl
Viewer Perceptions of Emotions in Racially Diverse Animated Film MediaPosterPsychologyCarmen Huang
Who Believes They Can Learn During a Pandemic? Relationships Between COVID-19-Related Stress, Socioeconomic Status, and Student Self-EfficacyOralPsychologyCarmen Huang
Influence of Adolescent Alcohol Exposure on Adult Motivational Behaviors in RatsOralPsychologyKatelynn Hughes
the Influence of Online Advertisements on Consumer BehaviorPosterPsychologyHaley Hunter
Relationship Between Pre-Existing Depressive Symptoms and General COVID-19 Related Stress Levels Among Adoptive ParentsPosterPsychologySu Jin Hwang
Cultural Cognition: Mouse Tracking Reveals the Impact of Cultural Differences on Taxonomic and Thematic RelationsPosterPsychologyPaola Ibarra
Depressive Symptoms Help Explain the Relationship Between Experiences of Discrimination and Insomnia Symptoms PosterPsychologyBethaney Jackson
Student Perception of COVID-19PosterPsychologyAngel JaimesEmily Pollack, Jordyn Jackson, Josiah Takang, Katy Chon, Sage Dombrowski
Associations Between Parental Perception of Neighborhood Safety and Behavioral Inhibition Behaviors Among Emerging AdolescentsPosterPsychologyJocelyn JarvisRyan Sullivan
The Relationship Among Depression, Anxiety, Perceived Stress, and Susceptibility to IllnessPosterPsychologyJazzmyne Jefferson
Graph Theoretical Analysis of the Default Mode Network in Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease: An fMRI ProjectPosterPsychologyCarter Jenkins
The Effects of Social Media Use and Content on Self-Esteem and Perceived Physical Appearance in College StudentsPosterPsychologyCatherine Johnson
Excessive Phone Checking and Possible Intervention with Cognitive Behavioural TherapyOralPsychologyChanon Kachornvuthidej
Historical Loss: Implications for Health of American Indians in the Blackfeet Community PosterPsychologyTaylor Kampf
College Students and Mental Health Services OralPsychologyNaomi Katz
Social Media and Mental Health: How Prolonged Exposure to Social Networking Sites Affects Girls in Early AdolescenceOralPsychologyAlexa Kelleher
Separated, but Not Apart: How Multigenerational Family Relationships Can Be Supported Through Video ChatOralPsychologyKrystyna Keller
Breaking Down Business Barriers: The Theory of Planned Behaviour and Employing People with DisabilitiesPosterPsychologyLiam KenneyKimberly Nakahara, Natasha Ladouceur
The Intersectionality between Religion and Sexuality: A Qualitative Study of Young Muslim Students ExperiencesPosterPsychologySahar Khanpour
Student Anxiety About Mass ShootingsPosterPsychologyPatrick KiellyAngel Jaimes, Madison Wilcox
The Relationship Between Big Five Personality Traits and COVID-19 Guideline CompliancePosterPsychologyPatrick KiellyShannon Hayes, Christopher Woolford, Ty Nelson
The Impact of a Compassionate Love Writing Intervention on State Attachment to GodPosterPsychologyKaitlyn Knight
Early Developmental Concerns in 22q11.2 Deletion and Duplication CarriersPosterPsychologyEve Kortanek
The Effectiveness of Incredible Years on Preschoolers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Systematic Literature ReviewPosterPsychologyTianna KortmanTatum Steele
Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Emotion Regulation Efficacy: The Role of Interpersonal Trust and AnxietyPosterPsychologyLauren Kubic
Effects of Dopamine Agonist and Antagonist on Social Behavior in MiceOralPsychologyYostina Lamei
The Role of Chronic Caffeine Administration on Major Depressive Symptoms in Long Evans RatsPosterPsychologyLucy LandaetaDan Roever
The Impact of Motivational Book Reading on Attitude Changes: Mediating Role of Emotional IntelligencePosterPsychologyMitchell Lanzl
EEG and Alertness: Evaluating Non-Invasive Objective Measures of Fatigue in Medical Students PosterPsychologyMeagan Lauber
Decreased White Matter Tract Integrity, Functional Connectivity, and Executive Functioning in a Long-Term Survivor of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaPosterPsychologyChien-Chien LeeVictoria Seghatol-Eslam, Anne Stewart, Tiffany Tucker, Karthik Reddy
Alcohol Behaviors Relating to Environmental Factors, Drinking Games, and Comfort Among College StudentsPosterPsychologyKayla LemonsEmma Humenay
Being in Control Is the Key: Personal Control Moderates the Effect of Positive In-group Identification on In-group AggressionPosterPsychologyKimberly Llontop
Freudian and Jungian Psychoanalysis in LiteratureOralPsychologyDaniela Lopez
Similarities Between the Stanford Prison Experiment and Police BrutalityOralPsychologyAlicia Lucas
Analyzing the Parent-Child Feeding Relationship Through Parent Feeding Practices and Child Behavior PosterPsychologyConnor Lynch
The Effects of Personality Traits and Emotional Intelligence on Academic Performance in an Online Learning-Based COVID-19 Environment PosterPsychologyDouglas Lytz
The Relational Impact of Religious Rigidity: Exploring Conflict Between LDS Parents and Their Disaffiliated Young Adult ChildrenOralPsychologyElizabeth Macdonald
A correlational study of self-concept clarity, stigma, and help-seeking behaviorPosterPsychologyHinza Malik
The Hidden Cost of Sorority Affiliation: the Effects of Sorority Affiliation on Women’s Physical and Mental WellbeingWellbeingPosterPsychologySandra Manfreda
GroupMe or GroupCheat? Student Perceptions and Reactions to Violations of Academic IntegrityPosterPsychologyAndrew ManocchioNaomi Katz
Social Competition as a Potential Assay for Conferral of Stress Resilient and Stress Susceptible Phenotypes in Sprague-Dawley and Long-Evans RatsPosterPsychologyZackary Marshall
Other-Race Effect in Emotional Face Recognition in Four Emotions PosterPsychologyShelby Martell
Neurohormonal Influence on the Mother- Infant Relationship: A Study of Oxytocin, Cortisol, and Maternal AttachmentPosterPsychologyJessica MartinAliza Sloan
Dissociating Social and Non-social Behavioral Resilience Following Stressor Controllability in Male Long Evans RatsPosterPsychologyMadison Martin
The Relationship Between Self-Forgiveness and ApologyPosterPsychologyAshley MavorCamryn Kerr, Sydney Bechtel
The Impact of Coaching Feedback on Division III Athletes’ Body Image and Disordered EatingPosterPsychologyMadeline McClinchie
Impact of COVID-19: How Social Isolation and Novel Schooling Modes Influence Anxiety Symptoms in Elementary Students. PosterPsychologyCaraline McDonnellIsabella Morse
Digital Emotion Regulation and In-Person Emotion Regulation: The Role of Anxiety, Depression, and StressPosterPsychologySean McFarland
An Investigation of the Impact of Post-traumatic Growth, Coping, and Resilience on Coherence and Perceived Self-Efficacy in Young Adult Survivors of Sexual Harassment and TraumaOralPsychologyClare McGaugheyKaylyn Kniery
Relationships of Adverse Childhood Experience Scores and Coping Strategies of College Students Using Experience Sampling MethodPosterPsychologyStephanie McGhee
To Thing or Not to Thing, That is the QuestionOralPsychologyBridgett McGill
Functional Network Architectures are Distorted During Memory Formation and Consolidation in Schizophrenia PosterPsychologyEmmanuel Meram
Analysis on Pulling Mechanic Changes Due to Manipulated Efficacy in a Team Rope-pulling TaskPosterPsychologyJames Merritt
The Role of Memory Binding in Children's Accurate Recall of Learning EventsPosterPsychologyAbigail Miano-BurkhardtRegan Benton, Jada Mitchell
The Effects of an Omnivorous Diet on Susceptibility to IllnessPosterPsychologyCamryn MillerMontel Williams
the Developmental Relationship Between Empathy and Spatial AcuityPosterPsychologyRachel Miller
Trends on a College Campus: Nicotine Dependence Via Electronic Cigarettes, Drunkorexia, and How They Are RelatedPosterPsychologyEmma Missling
Positive Thinking and AnxietyPosterPsychologyLaDana Mitchell
Effect of Sleep and Impulsivity on Teen Driver Errors and ViolationsPosterPsychologyRaina Modi
Investigating the Effects of STEM courses on Students' Learning and Cognitive FunctioningOralPsychologyAlan Mograby
Athletes' Fear of Covid-19OralPsychologyKristina Mojica
Perceptions of the Teaching Profession Among Midwest College StudentsPosterPsychologyTheodore MolkentinKayla Stadem -
Stefania Draghicchio -
Gratitude and Its Effects OralPsychologyJared Moore
A Crime to Be Bilingual? Jury Perception of Non-Native Language in TestimoniesPosterPsychologyAnna Mouras
Retention & Student Involvement at HBCUsPosterPsychologyAleeah Muhammad
Situation Specific Mask-Wearing Behaviors: A Survey of College Students in GeorgiaPosterPsychologyEmma MusgroveBailey Broome, Avery Moss, Samira Bruce
The Blind Mind's Eye: Characteristics Associated with Congenital AphantasiaPosterPsychologyZachary Myers
Minority Group Differences in Judgements of Societal Fairness and the Influence of Negative StereotypingOralPsychologyAbeer Naeem
Undergraduate Screen Time: Gender DifferencesPosterPsychologyCheyne Nakamura
The Linguistic Impacts of Anesthesia: Studying Cognitive Function and the Distribution of the Gray Matter Volume in Parts of the Brains of Children Aged Four to Six OralPsychologyHasitha Nannapaneni
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Developing Major Depressive Disorder in Male and Female Twins PosterPsychologyAnkita Naphade
Working Hard or Hardly Working: Analyzing the Effect of Accommodations on Perceptions of Disabled WorkersPosterPsychologyRachel Newlin
Psychological Resilience of High Risk Occupational WorkersOralPsychologyZachary Ngo
Relations Among Forms of Aggression During Adolescents PosterPsychologyTheresa Nguyen
The Relationship Between Parental Personality, Attachment, and Subjective Well-Being PosterPsychologyMia Nguyen
Gender Differences in OnlyFans Content Creators' Subscription Pricing StrategiesOralPsychologyJoshua NicholsJoshua VanArsdall, Alec Degnan, Marina Orrico, Zaharina Jimenez, Vanessa Sevilla, Jessica Watz, Christopher Munt
Effects of Mindset Priming and Technology on Theory of Mind PerformanceOralPsychologyBrooke Nixon
Risky Behaviors and Drinking Habits Among ROTC Students, Student-Athletes, and Students with Merit ScholarshipsPosterPsychologyJordin Nowak
How Implicit Bias Impacts the Health of African American Men with Multiple Chronic ConditionsPosterPsychologyRuth Nwefo
Can Empathy Training Reduce Empathy Avoidance in the Context of Social Disparities: the Case for Empathy ExpertsPosterPsychologyAye Ochai
Inflammation as a Mediator of Pediatric Obesity and Language and MemoryPosterPsychologyOlivia Oh
Under the Influence: Impulsivity Moderates the Effect of a Trigger on Alcohol-primed Displaced Aggression PosterPsychologyAllyn Ojeda
Exposed to Alcohol and Expecting Anger: Alcohol Expectancies Moderate the Effect of Narcissism on Alcohol-primed HostilityPosterPsychologyAllyn Ojeda
Changes in Job Stress over TimePosterPsychologyIsaac O'Neal
Career Advancement Inventory Factor Analysis: Improving Career Assessment Through a Five Factor ModelOralPsychologyJonah O'Neill
Factors Associated with the Perceptions of Help-Seeking and the Mental Health of Student-AthletesPosterPsychologyAmanda Ornstein
An Empirical Investigation into Variations in Outcomes Stemming from Heterosexual Adult’s Most Recent Mixed-Gender Threesome ExperiencePosterPsychologyMcKenna Osborn
The Association Between Caregivers' Questions and Children's Exploration of a Novel ToyPosterPsychologyChineme Otuonye
How has mental health changed for gender and sexual minorities due to COVID-19?PosterPsychologyRoger Otway
The Relationship of Parenting and Gender with NarcissismPosterPsychologyKatelyn Pacheco
Developing a Novel Gamma and Music-Based Intervention for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia-Related DisordersPosterPsychologyNicole Page
Impact of Covid-19 and Shelter-in-Place on Parents and Infant SleepPosterPsychologyDaniel PalmieriMartina Youssef
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Women and Girls in NepalPosterPsychologyDarshana Pandey
Resilience and Interpersonal Theory of Suicide During Covid-19OralPsychologyScott Paquette
The Change of Routine Due to COVID-19 and Depression Symptoms in AdolescentsOralPsychologyAyesha Paracha
Gestural Attention on the Effectiveness of Gestural MisinformationPosterPsychologyLogan ParkerLogan Parker
the Relationship of Depressive Symptoms with Obesity and Weight Loss in American Indians/Native AmericansPosterPsychologyColton Parker
Examining the Relationship Between Mood Disorders and Risk Perception in Determining COVID-19 Preventative BehaviorsPosterPsychologyKrupali Patel
How Does Dominance Influence Nonverbal Synchrony Between Romantic Partners? PosterPsychologyMaddy Paxson
How Has Anxiety and Depression from the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Drinking and Smoking Behaviors?PosterPsychologyEmory Perlman
Processing and Interpretation of Neutral Facial Expressions: an Electophysiological StudyPosterPsychologyClaire Perry
Measuring the Impact of Empathy and Perspective Taking: A Neurological Approach to the LiteraturePosterPsychologyAmelia Pi
Generalized Anxiety as a Mediator between Food Insecurity and Comfort EatingPosterPsychologyPamela PichonXimmy Wang, Manuel Ramirez
Influence of High-Level Global Properties on the Memorability of Natural Auditory ScenesPosterPsychologyLucero Pineda-Roman
Self-Concept and Intimacy Through Social Media RepresentationPosterPsychologyHanna Pinkelman
Extraversion and Neuroticism Working in Conjunction with Mood and Working MemoryPosterPsychologyDerek Pirrung
Cognitive Decline in a Social Context: Have We Done It to Ourselves? OralPsychologyDavid Posada
Social Attitudes and Opinions of the School Strike for the Climate MovementPosterPsychologyErica Poulin
The Influence of First Year Housing, Extracurricular Activities, and College Belongingness on College Graduation PosterPsychologyKatherine Pridemore
Adverse Childhood Experiences and a Trusting Parent Teacher Relationship Among Early Head Start Parents PosterPsychologyRida QureshiSitara Ghuznavi
Affective Tactile Grounding on Psychedelic-Induced States and Treatment Outcomes in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for Adults with Major Depression: Preliminary Evidence to Support Clinical UtilityPosterPsychologyAnya RagnhildstveitSarah Cunningham , Jennifer Nemrow
Utility Value Interventions for First-Generation and Non-Traditional StudentsPosterPsychologyCrystal RainwaterEmily Simmons
Social Comparison and Self-esteem: a Vicious CyclePosterPsychologySampoorna RavikanthIngrid Worth
the Impacts of ACEs on Student Mental HealthPosterPsychologyDarryl Ray
Differences in Subjective and Objective Assessment of Working Memory in Pediatric Survivors of Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaPosterPsychologyKarthik Reddy
The Black Forgiveness Expectation: Predictors of Positive Perceptions of Black ForgivenessPosterPsychologyNoah ReedGenevieve Bernard
What's in a Name? Forenames as a Predictor of Psychopathological Personality TraitsPosterPsychologyNoah Reed
Socioemotional Learning in Children PosterPsychologyYarely Reyes
Examining the Effect of Kratom on Dopamine Transmission Related to Abuse LiabilityOralPsychologyLindsay Ringer
Emotion Science Picture System: a New Stimulus Set for Research in EmotionPosterPsychologyDonald Rinker
What Causes Individuals to Fall Victim to Cybercrime Via Social Media?PosterPsychologyAlisia Rios
The Effects of Musical Nuances on CognitionPosterPsychologyWesley Roberts
A Diary Study Investigating Compliment Behavior According to GenderPosterPsychologyDestynee RobertsGwen R. Pursell, PhD, Samantha D. Conti, Taylor A. Medler
Night Wakings as Opportunities for Motor Learning in InfancyPosterPsychologyJessica Rodriguez Gasca
Neural Correlates of Working Memory in HIV+ Patients with a History of Cocaine DependencePosterPsychologyElizabeth Roe
Working 9 to 5: Sex-role Conflict and Job SatisfactionPosterPsychologyMaryn RolfsonKinley Martin, Tyler Graff, Jordan Berrey, Shelby Seipert
The Effects of Proactive Interference on Adult Working Memory PerformanceOralPsychologyAshley Ross
Investigating Possible Benefits of Maternal Thiamine Supplementation for Enhancing Social Alertness in Infants at Risk for Thiamine DeficiencyPosterPsychologyJenna Rudolph
Visual Imagery: Comparing Object & Spatial Working MemoryPosterPsychologyJennifer SandersTina McBee, Megan Watson, Celeste Canada, Summer Crowe
Face Masks Improve Detection of Real and Fake Smiles PosterPsychologyCarla SantacruzYuliya Zanevych, Annette Kwasniewski, Jason Gill, Kiwaun Wallace
Humor and Gratitude as Mediating Factors in Coping with Moral Injury and Post-Traumatic Growth in Veterans and First RespondersPosterPsychologyKimberly SavatgyKaylyn Kniery, Brett Slagel
Framing and Political Affiliation in Relation to Social Media Responses about Black Lives Matter OralPsychologyAutumn Scarborough
How the Male-Modeled Autism Diagnostic Test (ADOS-2) Underdiagnoses the Female Autistic Phenotype: Proposing a Female-Modeled Diagnostic TestOralPsychologyRachel Schmitt
Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Interventions for Individuals with a Psychotic Disorder: A Systematic ReviewOralPsychologyAlexandra Schroeder
Perceiving the Gist of Auditory Information at Brief ExposuresPosterPsychologyMegan SchulteHolly Ambruso
Possibility Development Based Mentoring ProgramPosterPsychologyJessica SciakySarah Piper
Drug Prevalence in Officer-Involved Lethal Shootings of Unarmed CitizensPosterPsychologyNava Sepehri
Focus on Silver Lining During PandemicPosterPsychologySamarth Sharma
A Review and a Proposal for Reducing the Symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Adolescents by Combining Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training and Methylphenidate Medication as a TreatmentPosterPsychologyKirti Sharma
Circadian Influences on Stressor Controllability Outcomes in Long-Evans RatsOralPsychologyChelsea Singh
Reverse Effects: the Connection Between Brain Stimulation and ImpulsivityPosterPsychologyPeyton Skaggs
Positive and Negative Coping Mechanisms due to High-Stress of COVID-19PosterPsychologyPrecious SladeStephanie O'Kon, Uchemdi Nduka
Exploring Teachers' Understanding of Racial Bias in SchoolsPosterPsychologyJasmine SmithHannah Green
Socioemotional Correlates of Understanding Compliance with Privacy Statements OralPsychologyJaden Smith
The Effect of Social Antecedents of Bullshitting on Bullshit DetectionOralPsychologyTyler Snodgrass
The Effect of Medications on Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts in Bipolar I DisorderOralPsychologyClaire Snyder
Mindfulness as a Preventative Factor for Depression and PTSDPosterPsychologySaniya SoniLucy Schafer
Cultural Sensitivity in Undergraduate Psychology Students: How Multicultural Infused Curriculums Impact Student Perception and EngagementPosterPsychologyHaydee SorianoArisha Andha, Peri Yuksel
The Relationship Between COVID-19 and Repetitive Thoughts on Anxiety and Sleep in UndergraduatesPosterPsychologyStephanie Soto Rodriguez
The Experience of "Feeling Heard" in Conflict Across RelationshipsPosterPsychologyMaia Southwick
Identifying the most efficient and accurate eye tracking method to model saccades PosterPsychologySaikrishna Sriraman
The Effectiveness of Incredible Years on Preschoolers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Systematic Literature ReviewPosterPsychologyTatum SteeleTianna Kortman
A Computational Approach to Understanding Computer-Mediated Health ConversationsPosterPsychologyTyler Stetson
Anagram Problem Solving and Memory: the Effects of Anagram Difficulty on RetentionPosterPsychologySky StinsonSarah Hadley
Benefiting from Friction: An Analysis of Conflict Management Methods and Their EffectivenessOralPsychologyJared Stocking
Zoom Story Time: Can Preschool-Aged Children Engage in Shared Book Reading with Virtual Partners?OralPsychologyTaylor StoneKatelyn Zimmerman, Caitlyn Thomas
Impact of COVID-19 Anxiety on Drinking Behaviors among College StudentsPosterPsychologyKatelynn Stone
Drinking to Enhance Is Associated with Cannabis Use Among Young AdultsPosterPsychologyAna Stopa
Telling Lies: How Does It Affect Memory and Reaction Time? PosterPsychologyMatava StrangMadelyn Baker
The Impact of Note-taking Style on Actual and Perceived RecallPosterPsychologyMaranda Strouth
Clinicians' Experiences in Transitioning to Internet-Based Mental Health Treatment During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterPsychologyPaige Suvanto
Vocabulary Intervention for Young At-Risk Children PosterPsychologyAlexandra Taylor
The Role of Color in Opinions and PerspectivesPosterPsychologyCandace Telford
Science Fact or Science-Fiction: Effects of Undergraduate Science-Fiction Media Consumption on Neurotechnology LiteracyOralPsychologyRussell TesmerMcKayla Kurtz -
Teana Krolak -
Shannon Bruce -
Austin Seibert -
Impact of Lying Frequency on False Memories and Memory ConfidencePosterPsychologyKyle ThatcherEmma Crumby
Impact of Lying Frequency on False Memories and Memory ConfidencePosterPsychologyKyle ThatcherEmma Crumby
Trauma Cognitions for MVA: Differences Between PTSD and PTSD with Additional ComorbiditiesPosterPsychologyRiley Thomas
Online Learning and Inclusivity: How Online Proctoring Technology Impacts Students with ADHDOralPsychologyCrystal Thomas
Examining the effects of socioeconomic factors and activity-related behaviors on severity of depressive symptoms in young adults during implementation of COVID-19 restrictionsPosterPsychologyReed Tisdell
Student Perceptions of Potential Child AbusePosterPsychologyKiara Tookes-Williams
Intolerance of Uncertainty Predicts Coping, Depression, and Anxiety During the COVID-19 PandemicOralPsychologyQuang-Anh TranJailekha Zutshi, Shimiao Zuo
The Effects of Intolerance of Uncertainty on Self-ControlOralPsychologyQuang-Anh Tran
College Students with Physical Disabilities: a PhenomenologyOralPsychologyVictoria TruheAndrew Clinton, Tessa Hansen, Alexa Posa, Hannah Mullins
Network Analyses of Psychological Risk and Protective FactorsPosterPsychologySara Valdes
Covid-19 Experiences: a Comparison of Traits, Coping Styles, and the Effects of Social Isolations During the PandemicOralPsychologyMichaella ValenzuelaChelsea Anowi, Alondra Miranda
Replication and Extension of Sparkman and Walton: Experiment 1 (2017)PosterPsychologyMadison Van DuzerStephanie Sharp
Attitudes About Aging And Social MediaPosterPsychologyJessica VanderWerf
A Tale of Two Nations: Perceptions of Psychological Distress in the United States and Costa RicaPosterPsychologyAlyssa Vaughan
Trump's Immigration Policy Impact on White and Latinx People, and Their Endorsement of the American DreamOralPsychologyAlexa Vega RivasSamantha Sanchez -
The Relationship Between Ethical Ideologies and Responsibility Attribution Concerning the Misdiagnosis of a ChildPosterPsychologyGrace VestutoRachel Newlin
Are Self-affirmation Interventions Effective in Reducing Excessive Exercise Behavior?PosterPsychologyPang-Yia Vick-XiongJonathan Ochoa
Development of a Training Module for Student Facilitators of Student-led Support Groups at Undergraduate Institutions OralPsychologyDaniel Wallace
The Immediate Effects of Musical Engagement on Spatial-Reasoning SkillsPosterPsychologyEthan WangMarissa Arreola, Edward Baumgarten, Daniel-Jon Brazovan, Tenzing Sherpa, Emily Wang
The Immediate Effects of Musical Engagement on Verbal MemoryPosterPsychologyEthan WangMarissa Arreola, Edward Baumgarten, Daniel-Jon Brazovan, Tenzing Sherpa, Emily Wang
Examining the Longitudinal Associations Between Maternal Sensitivity During Infancy and Toddlers’ Physiological ReactivityPosterPsychologyAli WankierBailey Speck
Bystander Attitudes Towards Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex Intimate Partner ViolencePosterPsychologyShannon Ward
Effects of Nightmare Emotions on Waking Mood Using LIWC AnalysisPosterPsychologyMadeline Wary
Decision Vision: Utilizing Mental Simulation to Promote Accuracy During Intuitive Decision MakingPosterPsychologyRebecca Wheeler
How the Chameleon Effect Impacts Introverts and Extroverts in Social and Academic Settings OralPsychologyAndrea White
Attentional Processing and Visual Scanning During Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Adolescents PosterPsychologySydney Whitt
Race and Perceptions of CrimePosterPsychologyMadison Wilcox
Student Attitudes Towards Help-SeekingPosterPsychologyMadison WilcoxApril Abrams, Brittanie Joseph
Where Are We with Education About Mental Health and Illness: a Survey ResearchOralPsychologySymphony Williams
Mediated Contact Through Television: Media Effects on Ingroup Attitudes and Behaviors Toward OutgroupsOralPsychologyJessica Wolford
Attachment Style, Stress, and Media PreferencesPosterPsychologyLila Woodbridge
Alcohol Consumption in Anxiety Ridden College StudentsPosterPsychologyAngela WrightNathan Jubran, Eardley Belime, Abigail Lake
Correlates of Hopelessness About the Future Among Low-Income Parents with a Disruptive ChildPosterPsychologyKat Wright
The role of drug addictionPosterPsychologyMykayla Wyrick
The Dark Triad Personality Traits as Predictors of Political Conservatism, Racial Discrimination and Attitudes Towards Police BehaviorOralPsychologyIrene Yannios
Patterns in defining sexual health related to ACE history and genderPosterPsychologyMegan Yavar
TECH Parenting Model: Differences Across Parent and Child Reporters Based on Risk ClassificationPosterPsychologyFarwah Zaidi
Identifying Twitter Sentiment Surrounding Pregnancy During COVID-19PosterPsychologyMaria ZiaMuntaha Chaudhry
Examining Changes in Physiological Stress Levels After Prolonged Exposure to NaturePosterPsychologyLauren Ziegelmayer
Effects of Language Background on Children's Processing of Gesture in NarrativePosterPsychologyNatalia Zielinski
Emotional Benefits of Brief Creative Movement and Art InterventionsOralPsychologyNikki Zimmermann
Officer Workload and Officer-Involved Shootings of Unarmed Decedents from 2016 to 2017​PosterPsychologyDara Zwemer