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Subject: Sociology

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Bodies in Difference: Language, Stigma, and Disabilities in the UAEOralSociologyHafsa Ahmed
The Portrayal of Military Service, Via America’s Army: Effects on the Enlistment Rates of Civilians Through the Measurements of Aggression Towards a Foreign Military Force Out-group: United States, Foreign, Military, Propaganda, Recruitment, Enlistment, VPosterSociologyJohnathan Arnold
Muslim Immigrant Women's Intersectional Experiences Integrating into US SocietyOralSociologySarra Ben Ghorbal
Prescription Stimulant Misuse and Sensation Seeking by Undergraduate Students at Public Universities in the United StatesOralSociologyKenza Benkirane
The Well-Being of Social Justice and Human Rights Activists PosterSociologySarah BlantonAnagha Sreevals , Ellen Gurung , Gabriella Guerrieri , Jasmin Enciu , Rafaela Lucioni
The Parallel and Opposing Qualities Between Social Organizations that are labeled as Gangs and CultsOralSociologyMame-Yaa Boateng
Can Unsupervised Machine Learning Models Be Used to Better Allocate Public Safety Resources?OralSociologySergio Brilanti-Martinez
Influence of Cultural Groups on the College Experience of International StudentsOralSociologyEtta BrooksEtta Brooks
Belonging in the Nation’s Capital: Mutual Aid as a Response to Racialized DisplacementOralSociologyKy Buckner
Well-Being in Elder HousingOralSociologyJacob Carlson
Victim Silencing, Sexual Violence Culture, Social Healing: Inherited Collective Trauma of World War II South Korean Military “Comfort Women”PosterSociologyMiJin Cho
The ‘Equipment for Living’ in a Predominately Black Neighborhood of ChicagoOralSociologyAlyssa CrumNadia Baraglia, Giovanni Giron
the Experiences of a Family Fighting Childhood Cancer Regarding Access to Support Resources and Medical Care: an Individual Case StudyPosterSociologyFaith Cummings
Wireless Access: A Barrier to Success?OralSociologyKara Dees
Examining Free Clinic Patients Household Environmental Safety and the Resulting Impact on Their Perceived Stress LevelsPosterSociologyClaire Dinehart
Discrimination Against Asian Americans During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterSociologyClaire DinehartOlivia Mauchley
La réalité des actualités : Examining the Relationship Between France and LebanonPosterSociologyHannah Domaracki
Stop Pointing Fingers: Assessing the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Weight Related BehaviorsOralSociologyKassandra Flores
The Discussion of Violence in LatinX FamiliesOralSociologyAlissa Garcia-Cruz
Data-Driven DescriminationOralSociologyAndrew Hendricks
Effect of Technology on Feelings of Belongingness in a Virtual Music CommunityOralSociologyJillian Hirst
The Meaning of FreedomOralSociologyTyson Hoeft
Utilizing Art for Indigenous Self-Determination: the Case for Seventh Native American GenerationPosterSociologyLillianna Hoffman
Disappearing Discourse: Intragroup Dynamics That Affect Political ConversationsOralSociologyChloe HooverMegan Miner
Arts Education and Black and Latinx Student Achievement: Evidence from the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009OralSociologyVictoria Isaac
The Effects of News Media on Social Trust and Well-Being in the Latinx CommunityOralSociologyViviana Jaimes
Understanding Burnout Among Undergraduate College Students OralSociologyElizabeth Jose
How Audition Environments Affect Professional Theatre Actors in the United StatesOralSociologyMiranda Keating
“Men of the Hills”: Examining Past Philanthropic Organizing in Central Kentucky and Its Portrayal of AppalachiaPosterSociologyEmily Keaton
Factors Affecting Human Trafficking in Nepal and Use of Big DataOralSociologyShushant Khanal
Sexual Harassment and Cultural Norms in Immigrant Communities: Findings from In-Depth Interviews with Bangladeshi American WomenOralSociologyShahidah Khanom
Assessing Risk Factors of Sexual Assault Victimization on College Campuses PosterSociologyWren King
Communication, Planning, and Self Care: Examining the Gendered Aspect of Coping with Work Family Conflict Among Parents and Childfree IndividualsPosterSociologyRanya Krayem
Assessing Community Needs from the Non-Profit SectorPosterSociologyMaddie LoefflerEmily Skoog, Oscar Sexauer
the Working Class Vs Chicago: a Study of Contemporary Work Stoppages in Chicago: 1993-2019 OralSociologyYizhi Joshua Luo
Discrimination Against Asian Americans During the COVID-19 Pandemic PosterSociologyOlivia MauchleyClaire Dinehart
The Climate Crisis: an Intersectional Approach to the Health and Dynamic of Migrant FamiliesOralSociologyKaryn McEvoy
An Analysis of “Live Discharge” Events by Disease TypeOralSociologySHelby-Jade Murdock
Exploring South Asian Health in New York City OralSociologySanjeda Patwari
Living with Albinism: Impacts for Young People in the United States PosterSociologyRose PiscuskasRose Piscuskas
The Prospective Effects of Marijuana Use in Adolescence on Illicit Drug use in Middle AgeOralSociologyRadhika Prasad
Gendered Perceptions of Female Terrorists: College Students Perceptions of Female Terrorists OralSociologyMegan Rajkumar
The Division of America: Individual Factors That Discourage Productive Political Conversations PosterSociologyAntonia RamirezSydney Kahle , Sharrell Canty, Megan Segars
Expanding Opportunity in Low-Income Neighborhoods: Effect of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit on Neighborhood Gentrification, 1990 to 2010OralSociologyOtelo Reggy-Beane
Exploring Environmental Masculinities OralSociologyLola Robinson
Three Centuries of Service: a Study on the Local Response to the Changing Role of Public LibrariesOralSociologyElan Sandler
Generational Change and the Rise of Religious "Nones" PosterSociologyAllison Schwarz
The Impact of Parent Involvement on the Transition ProcessPosterSociologySophie Scrimgeour
Changes in University of Wisconsin-Stout Student Social Interactions Due to the PandemicPosterSociologyLydia Skoglund
the Shaping of a Stigma, Collateral Consequences of Incarceration on Young AdultsPosterSociologyStephanie Soto Rodriguez
Breastfeeding Differences Among Mothers Who Emigrate from Mexico and Mothers Who StayOralSociologySophia Su
Fanfiction, a ‘safe haven fantasy world’: the rise of erotic and queer online fanfiction and its educational potential for gender and sexuality development among Chinese youthOralSociologyWeifeng Tao
Falling in love in the gaming world: Exploring digital intimacies through a Chinese massively multiplayer online role-playing gameOralSociologyWeifeng Tao
Vaping Prevention: What Kids Today Need to KnowPosterSociologyTyler Terry
Motivations and Barriers for College Student VolunteerismPosterSociologyBrooke Tipton
Possible Changes in the Amount of Food Consumed and Rate of Food Consumption When Watching MukbangsOralSociologyVi Tran
Social Dynamics in the North Fork Valley During the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Sense of Place and Orientation Theory Affects Rural Community CohesionPosterSociologyMadeline Unger
Status, Detention, and Deportation: Uncertainty Among Immigrant Communities in the United StatesOralSociologyJennifer Vasquez Merino
Factors Impacting Food Bank Choice: A study of Loaves and Fishes Clients Comparing Proximity and SupplyPosterSociologyJaden WelshFunto Akanbi, Arenike Alli, Nicole Congdon
Loneliness During Mass Social Distancing: an Exploratory Qualitative Study of Loneliness in College Students During the COVID-19 PandemicOralSociologyMadeline Williams
Examining the Diversity of the #MeToo MovementPosterSociologyElisabeth Wright
How Can Undergraduate Students Foster Authentic Global Perspectives That Transform Learning on the Post-pandemic Campus?OralSociologyXifan WuMadalena Almeida Da Silva
Observational Study on Distance Learning for Middle School Aged Students During COVID-19 PandemicPosterSociologyMichelle Zhang