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Subject: Theatre/Drama

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New Voices Telling Old Stories: A Study in Stage AdaptationPosterTheatre/DramaCassie Archer
Rocky Horror Pandemic Show: a Socially Distanced Immersive Theatre Piece on a Fifteen Dollar BudgetOralTheatre/DramaEmmie D'Amico
Disability and Performance: How Performers with Disabilities Conquer the Stigma Surrounding DisabilityOralTheatre/DramaIra Eidle
Fashion as Freedom - The Bustle and Women of the Late Victorian Era OralTheatre/DramaSydney Everett
Ambisonics in Theater Sound Design: An Exploration in Spatializing Audio Through Ambisonics TechnologyPosterTheatre/DramaEmma Kellermann
Teaching with Drama: Finding Freedom to Learn Through TheatrePosterTheatre/DramaChristianna Marcy
Redefining the Intention: an Analysis of Shakespeare’s Othello to Determine How and If We Should Fix Racially Problematic EntertainmentPosterTheatre/DramaNoah Pantano
Callaway: a Play Examining the Present with the PastPosterTheatre/DramaEmily Pope
“Returning to ______” Emerging Artists in the Year of 2020, a Performance Installation Project OralTheatre/DramaSierra-James Reynolds Jess Bertrand -
Virtually Here: a New Approach to Designing Live TheatreVisual Arts ExhibitTheatre/DramaNatalie Sorrento
Students’ Experience with Vocal Injury in Undergraduate Performing Arts Training ProgramsPosterTheatre/DramaChristine Suddeth
Shakespeare and Ecodramaturgy: Utilizing Theatre for Social ChangePosterTheatre/DramaYing Wei Zhang