Development of all-in-one alternative energy harvesting systems

Jacob Bradshaw Faculty advisor: Dr. Phillip Lee Indiana State University Technology Center 650 Cherry Street Terre Haute, IN 47809

Energy demands at a global level are increasing, due to advances in technology, and consumer habits that have resulted in higher energy demands. Alternative energy technology, the use of renewable resources, to produce cleaner energy solution to better the environment are not meeting the global scale of energy costs.This causes importation of energy from neighboring countries. Solving this energy crisis is an essential part of a cleaner, brighter future. The vibration and compression based energy conversion termed piezoelectric energy harvesting has significant advantages when compared to other complex forms of renewable energy. This research aims to feasibility of this type of energy generation using piezoelectric elements being applied to a broader application. For example, a sidewalk with a power generation floor that can generate electricity from everyday use in a city. There are currently two ways to generate this power hitting and vibration. Generating power through vibration involves the vibration frequency of the power source match the resonance frequency of the piezoelectric module which is difficult and requires more instrumentation. Therefore, this paper will focus on the hitting aspect method, from an exercise bike, which involves the direct energy transfer by mechanical stress on a module to generate more electric potential. We have developed a cloud-based renewable energy system for all-in-one energy harvesting system. More specifically, we have used IBM Cloud® and a microcontroller to control and monitor the energy harvesting system. The Cloud® program is connected to the controller via an IoT connection. On the IBM cloud there are many posibilityies in their programs with other applications on other devices simultaneously. Such as an array of piezoelectric elements that will generate voltage from walking inside of footwear. The controller could send the data from the energy generated to the cloud and monitored on a personal device.

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