Constructing a React Web Application for College Research Faculty and Students

Jay Bhatt, Dr. Jing (Selena) He, Department of Computer Science, Kennesaw State University, 1100 South Marietta Pkwy, Marietta, GA, 30060

Numerous research websites such as Google Scholar and ResearchGate have been developed for academic researchers from around the world to publish and peer-review scholarly literature. However, these online platforms seldom encourage active digital collaboration among the researchers themselves in a local setting. In particular, there is an intrinsic lack of websites that encourage dynamic pedagogical behavior between the professors and their undergraduate research students within their respective universities. In order to satisfy this missing niche, a research portal has been created as a means to help connect the Department of Computer Science faculty at Kennesaw State University with their undergraduate research students via a cooperative, online learning environment. This web application allows its users to create personalized profiles that display certain attributes such as their research interests and unique set of skills and search for projects that they might be interested in. Additionally, the research portal permits its users to upload a basic project summary that consists of its name, description, and qualifications and subsequently lets said users to form groups around the aforementioned projects. Regarding the primary structure of the web application, the front-end portion was constructed using React and Material UI while the back-end portion is hosted by the Cloud Firestore database in Google Firebase. As such, the undergraduate research portal will cater to the innate sense of collaboration embedded within the academic community in order to foster the research environment of Kennesaw State University. Once the web application has undergone end-user testing, its functions will be modified to ensure maximum user satisfaction. The results from this testing will serve as a basis for subsequent iterations of the research portal.

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Presenter: Jay Bhatt

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