Demographic Indicators and Their Relation to Resident Retention

Eli Coltin, Dr. Jason Ware, Honors College, Purdue University West Lafayette, 1101 3rd Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906

With a median household age of 42, the demographics of the northern neighborhoods of the City of Lafayette, Indiana, provide a stark contrast to the demographics of other areas of the city (median age 33) and neighboring college city, West Lafayette (median age 22).  These northern neighborhoods with a higher median age struggle to retain their younger residents.  In collaboration with the City of Lafayette, the purpose of this study was to analyze secondary data to inform decision making efforts about community revitalization and resident retention in Lafayette.  Lafayette’s information on resident retention and revitalization is scarce, so the study enhanced the city’s understanding of their residents.  This study analyzed personal data on households, such as annual income and home renter/ownership status, utilizing Python to derive trends and create map visualizations to visually display trends found in the data.  Through the numerical data, the strongest retention trends found were correlations between years lived in home, marital status, and presence of children.  Those that are married lived in their homes for 11 years more on average compared to unmarried, while households with children lived in their home for 6 years longer on average.  These trends were supported across the data when controlled for age and different lengths of time living in a home.  The trends suggest that neighborhoods with an environment appealing for married couples and children could help improve the retention of residents, which could assist in efforts of community revitalization.  The study’s conclusions have been communicated to the community partner in the City of Lafayette to potentially influence decision making in the transformation of Lafayette’s Northern neighborhoods.

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