The Effect of Traumatic Experiences on Students' Social and Emotional Development in Young Children

Christina Louie and Dr. Sham’ah Md-Yunus, Department of Teaching, Learning, and Foundations, Eastern Illinois University, 600 Lincoln Ave, Charleston, IL 61920

Children aged birth to eight years are exposed to a disproportionately increased amount of potentially traumatic events compared to older children. Traumatic experiences is a complex and chronic disorder that causes substantial distress and interferes with social and educational functioning of young children. Consequently, identifying the risk factors that make a child more likely to experience traumatic distress is of academic, clinical, and social importance. The study is guided by a research question; what are the effect of traumatic experiences on students' social and emotional. The study hypothesized that students who have traumatic experiences will have a negative effect on their students' social and emotional development. The study utilized qualitative approach using survey design. Survey questions consists of eight questions asking teachers of traumatic experiences related to social and emotional development In addition, self-developed interview consists of five open-ended questions ask parents and teachers about their experiences and perspectives of students who had traumatic experience and the effect on social and emotional development. Some of the example of the question are; Tell me if you have students experienced with aggressive behaviors towards others, or losing interest in classroom activities such as group work. Data pool from interview will analyzed using inductive analysis to find themes of the traumatic experiences. Data from survey will be analyzed descriptively.

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