Deep-Seated Individual Interest Regarding the Underrepresented Topic of Arts in Health

Sara Hildreth and Ladona Tornabene, Department of Applied Human Sciences, University of Minnesota Duluth, 1049 University Drive MN 55812

The National Arts and Health Framework defines Arts in Health as the practice of applying arts initiatives to health problems and other health promotion settings. The purpose of this study is to determine which majors at the University of Minnesota Duluth report the highest levels of deep-seated individual interest regarding the topic of Arts in Health. Deep-seated individual interest in arts in health will be measured using the Individual Interest Questionnaire (IIQ), which is a generic, yet valid seven-question survey with a corresponding 5-point Likert scale. Additionally, sex, ethnicity, and declared major of study will be recorded. The survey will provide primary qualitative data to explore interest in an underrepresented discipline. The survey was distributed to all University of Minnesota Duluth undergraduate students using Qualtrics, an online survey platform via their institutional email. Data will be analyzed within Qualtrics to determine the highest level of interest for the purpose of informing curriculum development within the Public Health program at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Students who are +2SDs above the mean will be classified as having significantly higher interest and students who have -2SDs will be classified as significantly less interested. This study would provide insight into deep-seated student interest and level of interest is considered a significant educational construct that drives learning and engagement. Anticipated results consider that the highest level of deep-seated interest would be from students who are already involved in arts and health initiatives or have had some exposure to the discipline within their field of study. Results will be used to inform future interdisciplinary Arts in Health curriculum within the Public Health program at the University of Minnesota Duluth as well as tailor outreach to interested students.

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Presenter: Sara Hildreth

Institution: University of Minnesota, Duluth

Type: Poster

Subject: Nursing & Public Health

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Session: Poster 9
Date/Time: Wed 12:00pm-1:00pm
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