Single-leg Balance and Pirouette a La Second Turns in Dancers

Kobi Alcocer, Karen M. Appleby, PhD, JongHun Sung, PhD, Department of Education, Idaho State University, 921 S 8th Ave, Pocatello, ID 83209

Many movements in dance are performed on one leg, such as turns. For example, a pirouette a la second, a common dance motion, is a turn that a dancer completes on one leg with the other leg extended straight out in front of one's body. To perform better dance turns, the single-leg balance may play an important role. Previous studies have shown that with a better single-leg balance, dancers can improve their overall performances and prevent injuries. However, the relationship between single-leg balance and a dance turn remains unclear. If the performance of a dance turn is associated with single-leg balance, turn motions could be more effectively performed or taught by improving single-leg balance. Thus, the purpose of this study is to investigate the association between single-leg balance and a pirouette a la second turn. It is hypothesized that individuals with better single-leg balance will have a higher pirouette a la second turn score. 

A cross-sectional study will be performed on 30 collegiate dancers. The single-leg balance will be quantified in two ways: 1) a traditional posturography using a forceplate, and 2) a clinical balance test called the Star Excursion Balance Test. After the completion of these balance tests, each dancer will perform three rotations of pirouette a la second turns two times. These turns will be video recorded and scored by two experienced dancers using a customized rubric. Finally, correlation analysis will be utilized to assess the association between single-leg balance and a pirouette a la second turn. It is anticipated that there will be a correlation between balance and turn scores. This study will provide preliminary evidence on the association between single-leg balance and turns among experienced dancers. 

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Presenter: Kobi Alcocer

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