Life Microinsurance: a Mechanism for Uninsured Canadian Households to Deal with the Expenses of a Sudden Death

Aaliah Joseph Tsvetanka Karagyozova Department of Economics York University 4700 Keele St. Toronto ON M3J 1P3

Even though microinsurance is used in many developing countries to deal with unexpected events, there is little knowledge of whether and how it works in a developed country. This paper examines whether life microinsurance can be used in Canadian households to help families deal with the expenses that come as a result of a person’s death. It compares existing literature to Canadian data collected by York’s Risk and Insurance Studies Centre (RISC), concluding that it could be a successful venture preventing uninsured households from going further into debt or worrying about how they are going to deal with the expenses of an individual's death.

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Presenter: Aaliah Joseph

Institution: York University

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Subject: Economics

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