Arabic Calligraphy: Typographic Excellence

Shaliyah Jones Amanda Horton School of Fine Art and Design University of Central Oklahoma 100 N University Dr Edmond, OK 73034

Calligraphy is the art of elaborated writing, closely linked to script and language. While the Arabic language developed long before the coming of Islam, Arabic calligraphy was a form of design with different styles and uses. It held a special place in society as a cultural phenomenon, appearing in the era of the first great empires. The tools that created this calligraphic form would evolve into a globally recognized style that completely changed the way the world views language and letterforms. Its importance extends from the writing of sacred texts, to influence many urban and street art, graphic, and design work. It is also visible as a reference in many of the contemporary artworks today. 

One of the key elements of Arabic calligraphy is the ornamentation and abstract quality it seems to possess. The use of the text and the messages hidden behind the decorative details could be linked to the ancient alphabets it originates from. The style would evolve from Kufic manuscripts to universally available books produced by the printing press to the digital age of design-based software. 

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