A Future Beyond Multinational Corporatism: A Decolonial Analysis of Oil Corporations in Nigeria

Rachel Coyle, Dr. Rufus Burnett, Department of Theology, Fordham University 441 East Fordham Road, Bronx NY 10459.

My research question asks: how can decolonial thought help us understand a multinational corporations’ effect on a community? My thesis examines a case study on the multinational oil corporations in the Niger Delta of Nigeria to conceptually gather qualitative data and analyze the effect of these companies on the community. I specifically look for an engagement of the companies with epistemology, ethno-racial differences, and the grassroots economies within the local host communities. My findings have concluded that oil extraction in the region has fallen short of decolonial economic options, perpetuating the nation’s colonial history. 

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Presenter: Rachel Coyle

Institution: Fordham University

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Subject: Economics

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