Educational Contributors to Income Inequality in Stockton

Jessica Alva, Dr. Sharmila King, Department of Economics, University of the Pacific, 3601 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95211

Income inequality is a growing issue in the US as the wealthy are quickly getting wealthier and the poor get left behind. Studies have shown that there are many educational factors that are related to future income and contribute to this income inequality gap. Stockton, California, despite being just over an hour away from the San Francisco Bay Area, has a substantially lower high school graduation rate, lower college graduate rate, and higher poverty rate than the nation as a whole. Without enacting effective educational measures, Stockton risks falling further behind in these regards. Through a literature review and analysis of data on Stockton educational practices and outcomes, we aim to suggest which educational practices are most effective in combatting income inequality in Stockton, California. 

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Presenter: Jessica Alva

Institution: University of the Pacific

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